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Lord Raffles

Looking for a team to help with new Wolfensein style/WW2 project

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If you havn't seen any screenshots of the work I have done so far for this, then go here http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=11377

Currently I am looking for a small group of people to help with this project. It is undecided what port will be used for the project, but it is hoped that when the team is arranged that this can be decided together.

If you are intrested, then either PM me or contact me via aim (my aim name is The Unholy Turd).

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Man... I just read the old thread about this TC,[Screenshots of a new Wolfenstein TC I'm making (as promised)], and realized all these people thought it looked sweet, and so did I, and it doesn't look like many people have joined! Remember when I said EDGE kicks ass, and BBG said so as well? Well, find out from SOMEONE how to make floor-above-floor and swimmable water for EDGE maps, as its capable of that. Plus, its capable of unlimited weapons(although having 5 weapons on one key might be harsh if you were to plan for 50 weapons, highly unlikely), unlimited enemies, objects, scenery, after-map text, music, levels, episodes(create-your-own in doom 1 or 2), scripting, sounds, tectures, animations for textures(customize- you can have a flat with 80 frames if you require!), bullet casings, smoke effects, as many bullets as you want in any attack/shot, change damage of bullets, as many attacks as you want in SOME of the following types:

PROJECTILE Launch a single missile at the target, eg Rockets, Imp Fireballs.
SPAWNER Launch a creature at the target, eg Pain Elementals
TRIPLE_SPAWNER Launches three creatures of the same type, eg Pain Elemental death.
FIXED_SPREADER Launches missiles in an ordered way like the Mancubus.
RANDOM_SPREADER Launches a spread of missiles in a random pattern
SHOT Fires a bullet weapon, eg pistol, shotgun, chaingun.
TRACKER Like the arch-vile attack.
CLOSECOMBAT Any close combat attack, like the demon's bite, the baron's scratch, or the chainsaw.
SKULLFLY For an object that launches itself at the target.
SMARTPROJECTILE Launch a missile at the target on an intercept course based on the target's current speed and direction. (Makes circle strafing a dangerous sport! Don't try this with a cyberdemon unless you like outrageous pain!).
SPRAY Instantly do damage to every monster in sight. Like the BFG. no visible projectiles.
SHOOTTOSPOT Used for Spawn Cubes (used in Doom2, map30 to regularly spawn random monsters).

Anyway, e-mail me for EDGE pointers and ask around, until Carnage releases the 1.27 DDF docs. The code is called DDF. Good luck!

And someone please join this team(I'm on a team... sorry... used your recruitment thread idea however.)!

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