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MOD abuse must end

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it is ok to disagree with a person but to resort to childish garbage is ignorant! i am talking about this http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=11924
i was posting about how i thought it was disturbing that people get off to adult furry content. so what if i dont like that i never said anything was wrong with normal furry stuff. if who ever mod did this does not like what i say, post about it or email me. i am an open person and like everyone else here i should be alowed to express what i think about issues. i dont have a problem is u disagree with me, but i do have a problem when you do it in a childish manner.
this is not the first time either, a similar thing was done to another post about a valid technical issue about the PS2. I have spoken to ling and a few others about this. It is ignorant, childish and plain disrespectful to do such things. if u disagree act like the rest of us and post or talk to that person. i have not pointed any fingers but i do have a strong idea who has done this. i only hope that person has the maturity to apolgise, in private my email is at the bottom. i dont care if this person disagrees with me, but do it in a mature manner.

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Saying that people who feel a certain way should, and I quote, "have their heads cleaned out with a shotgun" when there are other people around who have already expressed that they feel the way in question is unacceptable behavior and you have been punished accordingly. Again, I have not banned you for posting a pointless, unsubstantiated, and hateful troll. You should be thankful.

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