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A thing about Doom64 shotgun not that many people knew.

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Before you read this topic, I assure you that's not a shitpost, it's serious topic, and such disclaimer may be misleading in a way that you'd might think that if I wrote that than it's in reverse. Wrong. And yes I know D64 had very bizzare memory limits so my point might be invalid to some amount of people. Nothenless...


Okay, so, apparently when I thought about some ideas about my mod development I encountered a little dilemma. If I'm about to make an arsenal based on 3 classic parts of Doom, how I'd handle one particular problem, and that be how I'll differ two same shotguns? I have no problem with make other weapons in same slots to be diverse (mainly because there are things like other gun iterations and bullet types irl along the way may help).


And then I dig into it. And turned out that I don't need to reinvent anything, since Doom64 devs did that already for me, and, honestly, everyone who'd mignt be interested in porting Doom64 into Doom2, not even thought that they would.


DID YOU KNOW... that Doom64 shotgun is actually a lever action one? Not pump action as his og Doom brother, nope. But exactly lever action. 

To prove my word, look at screenshot cap below.


Pretty much nothing to say about this one at first look but here's the thing... Look closely at sprite itself, there's no empty space between what supposed to be the forend of the shotgun, while in D2 shotgun pickup sprite you can see one. It even seen that this part is directly attached to the gun itself, and trigger mechanism pretty much resemble lever action one.


So, your thoughts on this topic? I'd listen everyone unless this thread goes into dumpster fire mode and be exiled to Post Hell Almighty.


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I always thought that was the trigger guard

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It doesn't really matter because there is no hand which works the bolt after each shot, like the reloading happens with the force of mind

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Yeah, I'm sure it is. Great explanation for why there's no proper "pump" animation too.

If it looks like one, sounds like one, and shoots like one, then it might as well be one.



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It does look a lot like a lever action actually, although i personally believe the sprite looks the way it does because of a mistake, plus the n64 port's memory limitations.

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