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aduade-kess sai leshk

are my post offensive  

2 members have voted

  1. 1. are my post offensive

    • yes, they tend to be
    • no, mostly commical/satirical
    • does it matter

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aduade-kess sai leshk, ser nafan gress. Den sai leshk
the destruction of knowlege and vioce is destruction. end such ignorance of knowlege. <silocratic quote from the books of aduade and denaude- translated in short form>

honestly people, do u think what i say is offensive? usally i try to have a comical tone or satirical post. ...should have their head cleaned out with a shotgun' is usally something i dont really mean and say it as a satirical coment, to kinda say i think something is a bit too wierd . ohh so what, i dont like something u like. just be quite about it and deal with it like the rest, post not butcher. you have confirmed your guilt, so i ask you to be respectful of me and all the others here. if u dont like what we say and if it is valid leave it alone. even if it has a violent comment, this is a doom site, i dont mean it. also, like my other post, wich was extreamly valid with no such comment it should not have been butchered. I am more mature than u, if i dont agree with it i will not do what u did, even if the tables were turned. please show respect even if it is offensive to you. if i was makeing fun of/ or flamming a single person removing the post would have been justified. nothing justifiys what u did.

this is my last post about this unless it happens agian

PS, i dont give a rats ass if u dont like my user name, deal with it. i am not some stupid loser kid who has no idea about the world. so what if i like FFVII and dont like furries. no one said we had to like 'em

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Seph, you're labouring the point. I find your posts fine, if a mod does something just accept it and leave it, don't go on about it.

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