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Back To Hell. (A Megawad made by me!)

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Hey! This wad was tested using ZDoom and Zandronum, there were a few errors with GZDoom, It didn't work at all on Crispy Doom.

Jumping and crouching is not allowed in this wad, freelook is optional. I Recommend using software rendering for the best old-school experience.

You must use Doom2.wad with this wad. This wad has 32 levels to complete. If you see any bugs or experience errors, please tell me and ill fix them asap!

Additional info in the ReadMe file.


Have fun!!! >>> https://www.mediafire.com/folder/4bf87bzhzq520/Back+To+Hell <<

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Oh my, a one-man-megawad out of nowhere.

Will be checking this out for sure, screenshots look classic and good!

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Amazing, rare to get so many maps out of nowhere, and from a forum newbie no less.  Definitely looks classic Doom II all right.  Can't wait to dive into it.


EDIT: nvm looks like you've posted some work before, which also looks interesting and worth checking out tbh

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Ah, very nice, playing these short maps was a welcome change of pace for me. The overall difficulty is rather low, mostly because there are loads of ammo in most of them. I played on UV in GZdoom 4.5.0 and I noticed some problems:


MAP01: missing EXIT sign.


MAP04: sector 255 shouldn't be damaging.


MAP06: missing EXIT sign.


MAP09: the lost soul teleporters in the western graveyard don't work very well, most of them got stuck in corners.


MAP10: sector 62 shouldn't be secret.


MAP11: the blue armor secret needs to be redesigned somehow, you can actually grab it without using the teleporter.


MAP12: no linedefs are visible on the automap, is that intentional? Also, isn't green slime near yellow key supposed to be damaging?


MAP13: teleporter linedefs around sector 19 have no set destination tag. And maybe missing EXIT sign?


MAP20: secret sector 246 should be larger so that the player can step into it (and "find" it) more reliably.


MAP22: missing EXIT sign.


MAP24: not a bug, but it was rather annoying to hunt down all the spectres in the black areas.


MAP25: the yellow door doesn't have the appropriate color markers.


MAP26: linedef 1426 has wrong orientation and doesn't react to use. Several teleporters have their linedefs facing the wrong way. This affects many other maps BTW, it wouldn't hurt if you checked them all, the teleport linedefs need to be facing out.


MAP27: isn't sector 37 supposed to be secret? It is in vanilla MAP01...


MAP31: sectors 334 and 335 are enclosed and revenants inside them can't see the player. Thus 100% kills is impossible.


Maps 20 to 30: the fire sky doesn't loop properly, it blinks white every 5 seconds. It's quite jarring.


And GZdoom throws some warnings at startup:


Texman.Init: Init texture manager.
ParseTeamInfo: Load team definitions.
LoadActors: Load actor definitions.
Script warning, "bth.wad:DECORATE" line 1:
Tried to define class 'BossBrain' more than once. Renaming class to 'BossBrain@bth.wad@DECORATE'

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This is great! Much higher quality than I was expecting.


I played the first 5 maps or so but got stuck on a pair of doors that wouldn't open using PrBoom+. Restarted the WAD with GZDoom and it's been smooth sailing ever since. It's a shame the WAD is not widely compatible, because I think a lot of folks would enjoy this.

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I've played through the first 6 maps so far on UV pistol start. Pretty good stuff all around! I think the only thing that bugs me is that the exits aren't always marked.

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