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Just Enter The Door [Short Boom map]

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To beat the map, just enter the door.




Download v1.0


The premise behind the map is a silly joke, but it otherwise plays like a regular, linear Doom level with a couple of combat arenas. I was experimenting with some tricks and ended up building a short map around them. I tried to make sure you can't accidentally break the contraptions, but if you do run into any issues please let me know and I'll fix them.


Length: About 10 minutes

Difficulty Settings: Yes

Tested with: GZDoom 4.2.4, PrBoom+

Credits: Textures from OTEX by Ukiro, music by James Paddock


More screenshots:




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This was fun stuff.  The panic arena is obviously the real attraction and it's great--I love those sorts of fights.  You've got a nice mix of enemies and the revenants and the archviles are placed well for forcing movement.  Infighting felt pretty easy to achieve in the other fights, and there was generally more "hiding space" with those, but I didn't dislike any of them.  I never ran into any bugs that I noticed.

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Really neat map, here's an FDA: door_bx_fda.lmp


Unfortunately I was having annoying issues with severe mouse jitter while recording that made it almost impossible to aim properly but it didn't ruin the fun. I really appreciate short and straightforward maps with clear progression, and the geometry reconfiguring itself every time you loop back to the starting area was a really neat gimmick. The final fight felt like total chaos but wasn't too hard or overwhelming and was a lot of fun. Great stuff.

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Sorry for the bump if it annoys someone. Really enjoyed the concept of this map, but what i liked the most was the texture work which was by far my favourite part.

The gameplay is nothing to get crazy about but it's not bad either, the difficulty is also on sweet spot for me. Recommend this to anyone who is looking to play something different.

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7 hours ago, danidf96 said:

Sorry for the bump


It's a worthy bump. This is a fun map with an amusing gimmick and more people need to play it!

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