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Thousands of brand new luxury cars are dumped into the sea.

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Few salvage experts yesterday held out much hope for the smashed-up cars rusting away beneath the waves, however new their paintwork. Smit International, which has recovered similar car carriers off the coasts of Latin America and south-east Asia, insisted yesterday that the cargo would be an insurance write-off.

"They weren't cheap cars," said Lars Walder, a spokesman for Smit in Antwerp. "But then they are no longer aligned in neatly parked rows. You wouldn't want to drive a BMW if it had been knocked about on the sea bottom and had its engine soaked in salt water - even if it was German-manufactured."

For some reason, I find this story amusing, yet chilling. Somehow the extreme waste of resources that inevitably occured just makes me cringe. Such a terrible, terrible waste.

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Funnier shit has happened since, a French warship is on guard to stop other ships running into it, but lo and behold one has run aground on top of it! You couldn't make this shit up!

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Well what do you want, the crewmen of the Kariba were all stoned, and those of the Tricolor were all drunk...

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