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Death itself cannot die PART 7

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Here it is. I took more time editing it now, but there are still a few mistakes. Comments please!


Venus lay down on the cold, hard stone floor. She looked up at the ceiling. She sighed.

“We need to get some sleep, or we won’t survive our next battle.” Mark said.

“How the fuck are we going to sleep without getting our heads torn off?” Rocky yelled.

“One of us will stay guard for 3 hours while the others sleep. Then we switch every 3 hours.” I suggested. I learned that in our Marines training.

“I’ll guard first.” Rocky exclaimed. He stood outside the door with his shotgun poised.

I walked into a room with rock slabs that we could use as beds. It didn’t look comfortable, but it would do. I lay down on the hard stone. Kazi and Mark were in the other room, and Venus and I took the other one.

I was drifting into sleep, when Venus’s face poked up from beside my “bed.”

“How you holding out? You calmed down a bit?” she asked.

I scratched my chin. “Yeah. I’m better…”

Venus sat on the side of my bed. “Well, get some sleep. Who knows what the hell else waits for us tomorrow.” Venus got up, but looked back at me. “Oh yeah. And thanks for saving me again from the spider machine thing.” She bent over and kissed my cheek. She walked back to her own bed and she lay down, soon falling asleep.

I smiled. Venus was definitely taking a liking to me. And I wasn’t complaining. She was a babe. I admitted it.

I tried to get everything off my mind. My eyelids grew heavy, and I drifted into sleep.

I awoke soon after with a start. It was definitely not a dream, as I pinched myself to make sure. Venus was still sound asleep beside my bed. I got up and walked out to the room where Kazi was sleeping.

He was gone.

Rocky was still standing guard outside.

“Rocky.” I called, quietly.

He jumped and swung his head around.

“God Damnit! You scared the fuck out of me!” He yelled.

“Be quiet!” I whispered at the top of my breath. I peeked my head out the door.

No sign of Kazi.

Then l I heard a scream in the distance.

“Kazi!” Rocky shouted. He sprinted out into a hallway from where the screams seemed to be coming from. I ran back in to the room.

“Venus! Wake up!” I shouted. Venus woke up with a start.

“What? What!” She scratched her head.

“Kazi’s gone! Rocky ran off to find him!”

Venus gasped. “Damnit! The shit head’s going to get himself killed! Let’s go.” We sprinted down the hall where Rocky ran, and Mark soon followed.

I was running ahead of everyone and I felt my feet sink into the ground, and then they started to burn. I felt a searing pain in my foot, and I jumped out.

Slime. A pool of a green mucus-like fluid. I looked at my foot, and noticed I had a hole in my boot.

“Shit. What is this stuff?” I wondered. “How do we get by?”

“Well, there must be a way, because Rocky got past… didn’t he?” Venus looked around. She saw a red button attached to the wall. She slammed it with her palm. The slime slowly drained from the room.

We stepped on the floor and continued to run, following Rocky.

We ran into an open room. It was the room from my dream.

The pillars, the red sky, the pools of blood. I saw Kazi.

He was standing beside an enormous monster. The one in my dreams. He was aiming his BFG at its torso.

“KAZI!” Venus screamed, the monster turning to look at us, it’s glowing red eyes shone with great anger.

Kazi yelled at us. “Get back! I’ll handle it!”

He fired his BFG, and a huge explosion rattled the area. The smoke settled, and the creature stood, unscathed, like a monstrous tower.

With a swing of its massive clawed hand, it sent Kazi across the room.

I fired my chain gun, bullet cases clattering on the floor beside me with each shot I took.

The monster grew angry. It fired a rocket from its metal hand, and I dodged it by jumping over into a crevice.

Kazi jumped up and fired from his BFG again. The demon’s left arm was blown off, flying into one of the pools. It roared in pain and anger.

It raised its arm to fire. Kazi squeezed the trigger on his gun, but nothing came. He looked at his ammo meter. 17.


The monster fired, and the rocket struck the ground beside Kazi, burning off his right arm’s armor. He slammed against a wall.

“KAZI!!! Damnit!” Rocky screamed. He leapt from a corner firing madly from his plasma rifle.

“Die you son of a bitch! DIE!!!” he screamed at the top of his lungs.

The monster turned and swung its right arm at Rocky, slamming it against his back, knocking him to the ground.

It fired again, in a different direction. Kazi was laying against the wall, holding his charred arm. He looked up and his eyes widened with extreme horror, as the monster fired its final shot.

Kazi screamed as the rocket flew towards him.

Rocky tried to jump in the way of the projectile, but Venus grabbed his arm. “If you took the bullet for him, you’d both die! You can’t save him…”

The rocket struck Kazi in the chest, and exploded, followed by a drowned out scream.

With a deafening battle cry, Rocky leapt from the corner and blasted shot after shot from his BFG into the monster. It’s entire body exploded, sending blood and organs to the far parts of the room. All that remained, were a pair of legs, covered in blood, on the floor.

Rocky fell to the ground. He slammed his fist on the floor. “Kazi…. My brother…” He got up. Slowly, he walked over to what was left of his brother’s body.

I saluted. He was a marine, and he died in the field of honor, as I looked at it. Mark and Venus saluted as well, and Rocky just sat there.

“I promise you, Kazi. I will avenge your death. I swear it by my own two hands…” Rocky whispered.

That was it.

I rubbed my eyes in disbelief. Venus had known Kazi since high school. His life was snuffed out. Just like that…

Venus sighed. “Let’s go.”

We walked back to the room we slept in. This was getting to be a bit too much for me.

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Good, you *almost* made it without negative criticism from me, BUT:

Rocky tried to jump in the way of the projectile, but Venus grabbed his arm. “If you took the bullet for him, you’d both die! You can’t save him…”

Huh? Did that rocket just stop and politely wait for Venus to finish talking before it blew Kazi away? You should have let her say this after the cybie was killed. Like, made her walk over to Rocky, comfort him and tell him the above.

Sorry, but technically I'd consider that a major blunder.

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