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MFG38's MIDI Master Thread

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A select few of you may know that I'm somewhat of a musician, having made music as a hobby for the past 8 years or so. However, even fewer people probably know that I've also composed my fair share of MIDIs. And I figured that now if ever is a good time to share that portion of my creative misadventures with the Doom community.


Now, I have shared my MIDIs prior on the Doom MIDI Repository site, but I thought it might be a good idea to create this thread to promote them outside of the site to those who don't know about its existence. Below, you'll find links to the Dropbox and Google Drive folders where my MIDIs are located, along with .zip files containing all of them in one neat package. I've also provided a list of all MIDIs with some descriptive words about the mood/style of each MIDI (see the spoiler below). I'll do my best to keep this thread updated and may also post "alerts" whenever a new MIDI by Yours Truly appears.




Dropbox folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/n1kumo0f9mjfspk/AADjItmJbAJQBnzbXBcM3Izwa?dl=0

Google Drive folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Yv8fM5nlRJdOt9JYhyRfeM0cGj5R9e2L?usp=sharing


Full MIDIography (.zip):







A Hymn for the Wanderer [atmospheric, Celtic]

Alone in Hell [ambient, dark, spooky]

Another Day, Another 1000 Dead Demons [metal, short]

Big Ass Meat Grinder [metal, rhythmic]

Die Monster Die [metal, solos]

Due to Budget Cuts, We've Had to Turn Off the Light at the End of the Tunnel [atmospheric, downtempo, melancholy]

Eins [arpeggios, fast]

Elegy for the Blooded Sun [atmospheric, solos, synths]

Enter Madness [short]

Hell Ascends [metal, midtempo]

I Am The Hell Veteran [acoustic guitar, metal, slow]

I Couldn't Come Up with a Title [atmospheric, melodic]

I Lost My Train of Thought [fast, weird]

Illusory Brainwire [metal, progressive, rhythmic]

Moon and Sun [metal, multi-part, progressive]

Nuns With Shotguns [groovy, midtempo, synths]

Once Belonged [atmospheric, rhythmic]

Onrefni [electric guitars, rhythmic, synths]

Opening to Hell Remix [ambient, heavy, slow]

Preparing to Die [metal, synths, tempo change]

PSX Doom/Doom 64 Main Theme Remix [metal, orchestral]

Resurrection [atmospheric, multi-part, progressive]

Riding the Dolphins to Styx [atmospheric, bass, synths]

Root of M [fast, metal]

Satan's Delight [fast, metal]

Shadowed Hound [metal, oriental]

Shooting for the Stars [short, synths]

Somewhere Out There [melancholy, odd time sig.s, solo piano]

Spectres of Nihilum [atmospheric, piano]

Star Bridges [long, progressive, upbeat]

The Cyberdemon's Ballad [fast, glitchy, guitars]

The Great Beyond [fast, violins]

The Silver Lining in the Blue Cloud [acoustic guitar, groovy, melancholy]

The Time Machine Experiment [groovy, synths]

To Suffer I Curse Thee [atmospheric, metal, midtempo]

Weird Waltz [atmospheric, spooky]

When Hell Freezes Over [metal, rhythmic, synths]

Yackity Cackity [bass, fast, groovy]




All of these MIDIs are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike 4.0 license. They are free to use for non-commercial projects. If you wish to use them in a commercial project (i.e. one that costs money to buy), I will ask for a small payment. Please email me (see here for contact information) so we can discuss and agree upon an appropriate amount fitting your project’s budget. I'll also happily answer any inquiries about the availability of my music for certain types of projects if you're in doubt.

Edited by MFG38

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Awesome midis, I'm going to redownload them, I like listening while I'm studying.
What soundfont would you recommend listening them to??
Thanks for sharing your tunes.

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11 hours ago, Argenteo said:

Awesome midis, I'm going to redownload them, I like listening while I'm studying.
What soundfont would you recommend listening them to??


Thanks! Always happy to hear that someone likes my tunes. c:


As far as soundfonts go, I generally compose my MIDIs with Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth in mind, so they sound best on that. To my knowledge, MSGS is based on the Roland SC-55 soundset, so an SC-55 soundfont should play the MIDIs close to the intended sound. I can't vouch much for other soundfonts - while these can sound decent on some soundfonts, the bass sounds on a lot of them are way too loud in comparison to MSGS in my experience.

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