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Sharing my classic DOOM playthroughs!

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Hello, Doomworld forums! I am a massive DOOM fan and I have always been, but it was not up until recently that I decided to start making DOOM playthroughs. They are rather casual, but I am tackling each and every single one of the original and official 10 campaigns on UV+, which is the extra hard difficulty implemented by Bethesda in last year's update. I am also going for 100% in every map (that is not glitched by this untested difficulty) and doing all of them single-segment (and that will be the case with the sole exception of one upcoming Master Levels' map). Hope you like my content and perhaps I will commentate some of my future runs.

My latest video is a run of John Romero's SIGIL on UV+, which was quite hard to do, especially what with the extra amount of enemies (and several extra Cyberdemons, too). Hope you enjoy my videos!


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