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El Inferno

Dance on the Water - five maps [update 18.12]

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I'm currently about 70% (I think) through Blade of Agony, but this is going next on my list.

Haven't decided yet whether to play HMP or UV.


Since you played The Hate Flow on UV maybe you can advise: if that's the current limit of my comfortable play, should I stick to HMP for this?

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3 minutes ago, LordEntr0py said:

Haven't decided yet whether to play HMP or UV.


I recommend HMP, that should be more than enough for the first time. 

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Recorded a playthrough of map 3 to demonstrate my strategy for the fight. I used 3 saves and it took only a couple of attempts for each part. So the map is not that bad as it might look.


Successful loads:

1:48 Platforing

6:36 Big Fight

12:11 Clean-up




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New maps!

Map 4:



Map 31:



Weird stuff, but maybe somebody would enjoy some of these (looking at you @Lucky_Edie).


Map 5 will be the final map for this set and its currently about 30% done. Hopefully will be completed in a month or so.


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The design is cool as far as the look, but unless you like tight-rope walking with -20% nukage and a bunch of archies and mancubii breathing down your neck at the very start of a level, don't waste your time. It's pointlessly difficult from the very start. Easy pass on this one. I don't understand the obsession with extreme difficulty from mappers on here. I know we all got guud at the game over the years, but come on.

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5 minutes ago, KevvyLava said:

pointlessly difficult from the very start


Yeah basically all my mapping :P


I wouldn't call this "extreme difficulty" though. And HMP exists for a reason. 

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Whoops, completely forgot I promised to playtest this. Downloading now.


EDIT: Right, after just a couple of minutes I can tell you this definitely isn't for me. The new textures are absolutely gorgeous and the music is awesome, so I'll most likely play through the maps with cheats enabled, but yeah. This is Sunder with gimmicks. It's too stressful and annoying for me to enjoy.


No doubt it will be extremely popular with slaughter wad fans, it seems very well thought out in terms of being as hard and oppressive as possible and I mentioned Sunder for a reason, this is definitely up there in creative terms. Budding map makers should download it just to see the incredibly beautiful environments. Musically this goes toe-to-toe with the best; visually, the same.

Edited by MajorRawne

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Ok just played the new maps.

Map04: Pretty cool platforming map. I'm not a big fan of them so there's not much I can say, other than it's pretty cool


I had to save scum it and also IDDQD because I didn't want to bother with the lost souls chipping away my hp.


My only gripes with it were the start and the end sections.



I don't like how I have to leap of faith at the start, even when looking at the minimap because it lacks depth.


The end section is extremely tedious after all the trouble before it. Maybe putting a BFG makes it a bit less overwhelming. I also didn't know what to do after getting rid of the cybers (unless the point was to get blasted and death exit or something).


Small nitpick but the music gets really old really quick considering the length of the level.




Holy shit. This map is fucking insane. No joke, this must have been the most surreal experience I've had with doom or any fps (or even games except LSD) ever. 

I really like how you HAVE to use the minimap to get some things (like the BFG stashes). I LOVE the look of it all, it gives me big Afterlife vibes from Hell Revealed (one of my favourite looking levels from doom due to how abstract everything is)


The only thing I really didn't like was the start area as it seemed like a mess to navigate. I'm sorry but after going through map04 I just IDCLIPed it when I couldn't figure out what to do (though tbh the way out could be really dumb and I was just fatigued after playing the last map, so take it as a nitpick or a really biased critique).


It's probably the best map along with map01, though I'm afraid a lot of people will hate it, and I do understand where they are coming from. Getting blasted by "invisible" cyberdemons is really tedious, and if you don't look for/know about the stashes you are gonna have a really really bad time in the archvile area.


I really hope you finish this wad before the end of year, map31 alone could get a cacoaward nomination imo, really memorable stuff.

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Thanks for the feedback @Blip! I'm happy that you liked map 31 so much :)


A small update to maps 2 and 4. On map 4, added a bfg on HMP difficulty and adjusted the platforms in the beginning so that they can be  seen before each jump. The tedious nature of the final fight on uv will remain. Not sure if I want to change the music.


On 6/30/2021 at 7:16 PM, Blip said:

I also didn't know what to do after getting rid of the cybers


All damaging floor on this map is the exit. So you have to kill the cybers only for a max run. 


On map 2, made a little hint on progression (based on the feedback from Arbys), made one platforming section easier.


Still slowly working on the final map. Hopefully will finish it by the end of summer but there's no guarantee.. 





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The screenshots are looking really nice.

I'd love to play the wad but it looks like the dropbox link is dead.

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@rando, oops I accidentaly deleted the file when cleaning up garbage on my dropbox. Anyway, there's going to be an update to this wad with new maps and stuff very soon ( = a couple of weeks hopefully) so I'd recommend waiting for that :^)

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