Since I'm currently suffering from creative block with my Incursion project, I decided to make a small, standalone map.  All I knew going into this was that I wanted it to be short and simple, with an average playtime under 10 minutes.  When I started working on this, I happened to be listening to the song Krieger by Null Positiv (a metal song about pollution; it's good shit), and that gave me the idea to set the map in an industrial rubbish dump.  I'm pretty happy with the result.  It's definitely easier than Incursion.  I could imagine this being map 2 or 3 of a megawad (and it might just become that, eventually).  There's nothing fancy here - I probably spent nearly as much time making the sky texture as I did the map itself - but I figured I may as well publish it.   Map Info: - Replaces MAP01 of DOOM II: Hell on Earth. - Tested with Chocolate Doom.  Should work with just about any source port you like. - All difficulties are supported.  This map is supposed to be on the easier side (comparable to the Starport levels of DOOM II). - Estimated play time: 5-7 minutes.   Download: DUMPGRND_v1.03.7z   Screenshots: