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Looking for Total conversions to play!

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I have been playing doom for a few months now and i have actually getting board because of the lack of new stuff... So yea ;-; Could you lads reccomend me TC's?

List of TC's i already have:
Golden Souls 2
Batman Doom

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I can recommend some more.

The first one need a really high aspect PC, but there is a low aspect version, too.

Check them both if needed.

Total Chaos


The other ones i can recommend are amazing TC:


ASHES 2063


Memoirs of Magic


Nocturne in Yellow


Soundless Mound


Cold as Hell


Pirate Doom


The Fold


Solace Dreams


Check here also, there are plenty of work in progress TC and some that are already released but get little atenttion.


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Most of the ones I would have recommended have already been said, but I can pile on a few more!


Zombies TC - It's pretty old by now, but it's a neat look at the potential of modding back in the nineties. This is actually a remastered version of the original, more or less faithfully recreated.


Castlevania: Simon's Destiny - From the creator of Golden Souls is this really awesome interpretation of what a 3D version of the original Castlevania would be like. It can be tough but as a huge fan of the series, I loved playing it.


Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch - A really extensive love letter to Mega Man, another series I love, and it just had its sixth revision released recently. Even if you're not big on deathmatches, definitely check it out.


Shrine - A creepy eldritch adventure with a very distinctive visual style. This is the first TC by Scumhead, who's gone on to do a sequel, make another TC known as Lycanthorn, and has even funded a Kickstarter for a project called Vomitoreum. 


Bloom - I don't know if this counts since it's not yet finished and it still heavily incorporates normal Doom elements, but the main campaign that fuses Doom and Blood levels and monsters together is very impressive with what it puts forth so far.

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I'd recommend Freedoom Phase 2 for Doom 2. It's fun and dynamic. I don't like other conversions. You might also play the game Hexen for a change, it feels like a Doom mod. 


There's also Action Doom, which I find nice because it reminds me of Metal Slug. Worth a play

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There's Mayhem Mansion, with a new batch of zany enemies to fight and a very different arsenal.




I'm not sure how I learned about this in the first place as it doesn't get a lot of publicity but was an enjoyable enough romp.  And that was on the single map release which is what I downloaded back in 2016.

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