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My very first (short and simple) wad

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This is the very first Wad I made about a month or two ago. I created it to try and get accustomed to using UDB. It's very short and easy but I hope you enjoy it anyways.


Tested with GZDoom. Meant for no jumping or crouching or freelook.


Screenshot (9).png

Screenshot (13).png

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Short and easy like you said, so I did a no-damage run. I think the biggest problem is the amount of time spent shotgunning harmless pinkies from a distance. Still, it's good for a first map. I had a few things to think about to get this run, which is a good sign. For normal play, though, the player is practically drowning in health, and combat is very simple, partly because you've only provided the shotgun and the enemies are all from the shareware episode of Doom.




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An excellent first map! Even the textures were well used here, keep it up. Like @Pseudonaut said, combat is simple because only the shotgun is available and also few types of monsters on the map. Anyways, I played it twice because I really liked it!

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Pretty decent first map. Combat's rather humdrum, but its got some fully realised rooms with some interesting detailing, the layout's a little cramped but otherwise fine and it looks like you spent a good amount of time on it. Not too shabby, mate.



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First Base


Ultra-Violence || Zandronum || OS_Doom



-Deaths: 0

-Saves: none

-Map played twice











Vanilla Gameplay:






You're right, and a lot, it's a really short map, but with good action, just as good as eating a small hamburger and a drink in the middle of a break, and with what the structure is, for a small map, it was very good , decent in my opinion, but in the end very entertaining.

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