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Bourgeois Megawad [-complevel 2]

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MAP15 UV Respawn in 0:46.40



Redid this demo because my previous demo doesn't get 100% kills when played back with BourgFix.wad (the boss brain explosions got the last required kill, and those were removed in BourgFix.wad).

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Map11 Stroller in 4:37



Happy to say more than 50% of the wad strollers are complete. I think 4-5 more can be done (12, 16, 27, 30 for sure CAN be done) but they are exceedingly difficult.


Anyone up for that final tyson run on map30?????

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Map27 Stroller in 10:02.



Squandered a couple runs and died at the footsteps of the exit at another, 700 attempts. Absolutely horrid run to do. Bottom line, I got extremely lucky this run and almost blew it. Had I known how to remove the chaingunners in the middle and the ending one earlier, I probably could've finished this a lot sooner, probably only 50ish attempts after I figured that out.

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27 minutes ago, Decay said:

Beyond fucked.

That cyberdemon dodge sequence at the end looked mad sketchy.


Crazy good.

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