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My second WAD

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This is my second WAD that I created. The last in my backlog of wads to post. hope you enjoy. Tested with GZDoom, no jumping or freelook.

I couldn't really think of a name for it so I just called it Star. Maybe you could come up with something more fitting, I do have a lot of cool level names in mind but I don't want to use them on a simple little map like this one.

2021-02-11 (2).png

2021-02-11 (1).png


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Made a quick video. No comentary, Not even any sound. Apologies for my trashy recording skills, I'm a beginner.


Also, I played it with supercharge, because if I can, I will.





The level is cool, feels fitting to Id's design. Wouldn't be out of place mixed in with the rest of Doom 2's levels. 

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Ultra-Violence || Zandronum || Vanilla



-Deaths: 0

-Saves: none










Really fun map, I liked it a lot, with a good dose of challenge at the beginning, but afterwards things are taken with a little more calm, you have really done very well in this Wad, from the structure used to the enemies placed on screen, everything very well and without any problem, hopefully I hope to see more content like this in the future partner, because in truth this kind of maps are like my breakfast every day, something that I end up liking after the first taste test. Great job here and I look forward to seeing more content as good some other time.

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Did a quick play through.


There were some pretty sharp angles and very tight spaces - I'm always a big fan of movement, but of course, the tight corridors were probably what you were aiming for.


I went back after the video to find the secrets - With the backpack secret, it would probably make sense to allow the player to be able to drop back into the room rather than backtrack through the slime to the teleporter.


All in all though, a nice little map - Some nice traps!

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I did a quick play, fun much better than your second map. I found a way to get the chaingun sooner. When you walk into the yellow door you can fall to the immediate right and get stuck :(




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