The concept for this map is fairly straightforward: this is the UAC's database of demon lore, a labyrinthine library of computer banks and ancient tomes, with a Shores of Hell-inspired aesthetic.  I wanted to make a very interconnected level that felt simultaneously open and claustrophobic; I think I succeeded, but of course, I welcome any feedback/criticism.  The difficulty here should be a bit spicier than my previous map, Dumping Ground, was. It shouldn't be unfair, but if you pick Ultra-Violence difficulty, don't expect it to be a walk in the park.  Estimated playtime of 20 minutes, maybe a little more.   Arcane_Archive.7z   COMPATIBILITY INFORMATION: - Replaces MAP01 of DOOM II: Hell on Earth - Vanilla compatible; tested in Chocolate Doom. - Freelook, jumping, and crouching are unsupported and may lead to sequence-breaking. - Difficulty settings fully implemented. - Multiplayer is NOT supported (co-op nor Deathmatch)