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Cold and Forlorn - A Dungeon Synth Midi Experiment

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I've recently become quite enamored with the subgenre of dark ambient/black metal that is Dungeon Synth, specifically the even more niche sub-subgenre known as Winter Synth. Over the past few days I've done my best at attempting the style in the good ol' midi format. This is music meant to evoke a fantasy or medieval feel and give you images of a snowy tundra or frozen wilderness. It's really quite a unique style of music, and I'm looking to get more into it. Currently I'm thinking of brainstorming a concept album to really go wild with the genre. This particular piece is meant to explore the concept foremost, but as I continued to write it, I had an idea that it was telling the story of a person or group of people lost in the cold with no way back. They meet their predicament with defiance and courage at first, but the reality of the situation slowly sets in...


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