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forgettable pyromaniac

What is your "Doom Niche"?

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Uh, Once upon a time I was very good at PSX doom multiplayer, by which I mean: the kind that needed  2 playstations, 2 copies of Doom for PSX and a link cable and you played one one one DM or co-op. I'm sure nowadays I would be torn to peaces by most players on this site in every other versions of doom and probably even most players at PSX doom, but it was fun thing to be the guy who was good at PSX doom in the late 90's among your friends.

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Speedmapping, recording speedruns of my own maps and preaching about a megawad as a first project being a bad idea.


Does that last one count?

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listening to sounds of nature (a small brook, wind in the trees, etc) or classical music (eg. pachelbel's "serenade", "cannon in d", petzold's "minuet in g major", etc) while playing difficult maps. 2 reasons for this: 1) seemingly slows the flow of time for more time to think and react, and 2) calm my nerves :P

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