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My first map in years

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I used to make maps in my spare time years ago. I wanted to give it another go!


This map is called Resurgence, as that's how I would describe my recent rekindled obsession with Doom. I limited myself to Doom 2 map configuration with only vanilla textures/assets as an exercise to reacquaint myself with all this stuff. I tried to go for max compatibility across different source ports, but it's not totally perfect. It's certainly nothing special by today's mapping standards, but I thought I'd go ahead and post here since I never did before. I also composed music of my own for this map! It's my first crack at MIDI sequencing. There is a MAPINFO lump included for custom level name and par time in ZDoom-adjacent source ports, and a DeHackEd file for ports like PrBoom+. Difficulty chosen does impact monster/item layout.


IWAD: Doom 2

Source ports tested: GZDoom, PrBoom+, vanilla DOOM2.EXE

Programs used: Doom Builder X, SLADE 3, WhackEd4.

I'm open to constructive criticism, tips, etc. both on the map and the music. I'd love to continue to make both, and I want other people to get enjoyment from them too, just as I enjoy creating them.

Made with love,



And now for a few screenshots (captured in PrBoom+, link to .zip below):






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Just got done playing it. It was a nice short map with some pretty good combat and traps sprinkled throughout. The only thing I would say is it seemed like a lot of the rooms, especially towards the beginning, could have used a little more height variation. There's also a couple places that require single-shotgunnning of hell knights, which I didn't mind too much, but people may consider to be on the grindy side.

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Lot of folks coming back to mapping after a long hiatus this month it seems. And oh boy, what a ripper of a resurgence, Maddie. This map is simple but a fuck-ton of fun with interesting progression, neat little secrets, gritty combat scenarios and has a real classic feeling to it. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Please make more! :^)



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I liked this, good 'lightly corrupted techbase' theme. If anything, a bit too easy at the start on HMP and a few odd texturing choices (e.g., computer texture above a doorway) but generally, a good 16 minutes of fun :)

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Ultra-Violence || Zandronum || Vanilla



Deaths → 0

Saves → none











Very extraordinary map, it is short, simple but quite entertaining without being very frustrating, I really liked the atmosphere that there was here like the architecture itself, a mixture of computerized places and an abysmal underworld, there were good fighting encounters, and nothing came to be very exaggerated, here if I found a great balance to the map. Great job you've done here, and I hope you get to create slightly longer but just as entertaining maps, buddy.

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Hey I really enjoyed this! It's simple, but captures this style akin to Id Software themselves. My only critique is that the larger areas could be filled with more things to make it feel less vacant.

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