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Extracting Flats Using Deepsea

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DooMBoy said:

Does know how to do it, cause I, uh, don't.

Same tool that is use to extract anything.

Press F7 - select "Export Lump to a File"

On the right there are check boxes. Uncheck till only FLATS are left. Now click "Show Types Selected". What is now showing are only FLATS on the left side.

If you want to do a bunch at once, click "Grouping". If the FLATS are all one after the other you can use Shift+Cursor to select. If not, then use Ctrl+left Click to select all over the place.

All the FLATS you selected show up on the right hand side.

Now decide what kind of Export format you want. Export is a term used when taking data from a file and sending it somewhere else. If you choose WAD then all the FLATS are put into 1 PWAD. If BMP, then you get a bunch of BUMPS, if LUMP then raw format, if WAV it make a sound out of it -- ok, last was a joke. If you chose an incompatible format it will complain.

Don't forget that if you Import flats into a PWAD (opposite of export), that you place them between FF_START/FF_END markers. Help explains.

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The Heretic said:

I still have trouble. Is this process meant for registered deepsea?

No - works in shareware too. Version 11.66 is current version sbsoftare.com

What part is not clear?

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