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DOOM Steam re-release port custom wad support

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if you are on PC, i think you can open up the game folder, search for the addons sub folder and put there the wad you want to play.


Take in consideration that the only things you will be able to load are those mapsets that are compatible with the port.

Thats it vanilla wads and limit removing wads.

Also, if those wads had a dehacked patch, you better put it inside the wad with slade or they will not work.


So don't expect to be able to play gameplay mods like Final Doomer+, Complex Doom or Brütal Doom on the new Doomnity Classic port.


If you are not on PC, i can't help you, sorry!


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I think you either have to download them through Bethesda's service, or toss them into the addons folder and run the game.


This port supports only vanilla and slightly limit-removing wads, however, nothing too fancy.

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45 minutes ago, Henry said:

I wanted to play something like valiant or ancient aliens.I can't find addon folder

unfortunatelly, those are not supported yet, as they are boom/mbf compatible mapsets, and the Doomnity ports is, by now, just limit removing :/

If you are on PC, i can recommend you some interesting limit removing mapsets, like Struggle: Antaresian Legacy, really high up there with the likes of Valiant and Ancient Aliens.

As for the addon folder, i think is in the main steam folder, try searching it on this post:

I think its Edward who point where is that folder, so read his posts



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