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Captain Red

Have you ever...

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Purchased, werzed or downloaded a game, TC, PC or mod just so you could rip textures/sounds/sprites from it?

I downloade the blood demo to rip the flare gun out of it, but soon discovered that it was fun as hell... so much so, that I never finished the mod I was making :)

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You thought that episode was fun? Just wait until you find the full version, heheheh.

Anyway, if I get a game, usually it's because it looks like a fun one, but if I see something in it that might be useful, I'd extract it and save it for later. About 90% of everything I extract is never used because either it didn't fit in with the rest of the game I'm making, or I used it and it looked hideous, and there was no way to make it look even halfway decent.

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yes. blood, shadow warrior, duke 3d...i've played them before but then warezed them for graphics. and to play around in them when i'm bored.

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