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Angry Saint

map2wad issue

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I have an issue running the map2wad program (the one by Nicholai Main for converting Build .map files into .wad): it doens't work under 64bit Windows 10.


Do you have idea if the program was ever updated or if there is some shortcut ofr making it work?

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x:\TEST\map2wad>map2wad-win32 test.map test.wad MAP01 MFLR8_2 FLAT22 GSTONE1

MAP2WAD version 0.85 Copyright (C) 2002 Nicholai Main
Built on Feb 17 2021
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
This is however free software, and you are welcome to distribute and
modify it in accordance to the GNU General Public Licence,
see file COPYING for more information.

Loading infile...
Version is 7 (dec)
Loading start coords...
Loading 11 sectors...
Loading 57 walls...
Ignoring 0 sprites...
Processing .map into .wad...
Writing outfile PWAD...
Writing 1 THINGS...
Writing 35 LINEDEFS...
Writing 57 SIDEDEFS...
Writing 57 VERTEXES...
Writing 11 SECTORS...
Complete!  Now buy me a beer.

x:\TEST\map2wad>sha1sum -b *.wad
2c4fc501d06170edfcbc5a4ae7e092df71bbf675 *test.wad
2c4fc501d06170edfcbc5a4ae7e092df71bbf675 *testout.wad





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