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Slaying is fun.wad

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New map that ive been working on. It was delayed due to some issues with my computer but here it is. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IA_sCitqL8ZVjC3ZJvTN1ujr_pCo17vR/view?usp=sharing

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What map does this replace?

never mind, my GZDoom didn't pick it up. Review SOONTM

Edited by Silhou3tte

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Okay, so I played your map and I honestly don't know what to think of it. I'll try and give my honest criticisms. Just so you are aware, I am a beginner, too ;)



The gameplay is a bit dull in a few regards. There is a distinct lack of ammunition in your map. To give an example would be fighting the spider mastermind and then the cyber-demon directly afterwards. There is barely any ammo in the arena to dispatch them and the other monsters in the arena. Progression is also a bit too straightforward in some regards, mostly just moving forward. I'd try and work on making the progression a bit more complex, not just moving forward.



Your layout is really simple. A bit too simple. I'd recommend having some height variation, since your map is a bit flat. Try and think of a map as being a sort of obstacle course, that you need to find a way to conquer. Don't be afraid to have really abstract environments, man. Doom was abstract from the very beginning. There is also a lot of unused open space. Always think about how this space will be used or if it is necessary. 



Your texturing needs a little bit of work. There are some door textures that look a bit odd( I'll cover them in the "Bugs" section of my review). Your environments need just a little bit more detail. A few torches and some other decorations would look really good. Experiment with lighting. Remember that you're still learning. Don't be afraid to experiment with all the features that your editor provides(just test them first)







One unpegged door texture, one door texture that looks a bit odd with the texturing, one bug where the floor raised and I had to crouch to get out of the door on my HMP run. There's also this bug in the exit room where there are multiple reflections and HOM's.



I think you may need to have a look at what I wrote or what @Biodegradable said in his playthrough. I wrote this review in order to help you, not discourage you from mapping. You'll get there. You just need more practice. You clearly want to make something that a lot of people will enjoy. Good luck, man!


One more piece of advice: if you need idea's for your WAD's, try playing more WADs and see how others go about making their maps. It goes without saying, just remember to have your own personal style, never steal ideas from others. 






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20 minutes ago, Dyshoria said:

@Silhou3tte thanks for your honesty

No problem. I hope my post didn’t discourage you in any way. All you need is a bit more practice and experimentation and You’ll get there.

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2 minutes ago, Dyshoria said:

@Silhou3tte how did you take the screenshots I tried to do it with GZdoom but it doesn’t work

You can see what key is bound to take screenshots in your keybind settings menu.

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Definitely seeing improvement in your map layout, especially in the large room with the stairs and central bridge thing.  I got chewed up a lot by the chaingunners everywhere but the height differentials did make this area a bit more strategic and interesting to look at.  It's still a very linear map though, so far your levels mostly involve going from room -> door -> corridor -> door -> room -> fight a random assortment of mosters without giving the player any real choice where to go.  I think for your next map you should try and give it a more branching layout, ideally with paths that loop back on themselves so the player doesn't have to backtrack a lot.  It makes even a simple map much more interesting when you can take different approaches after each death, seeing "maybe I'll fare better if I go this way first instead".  That way players can choose their battles, and which resources they get first, a bit more freely.


Like I said, your architecture has improved a bit.  The shapes are still very rectangular and you're still relying way too much on the same 5 or 6 textures.  A lot of those textures are misaligned too, and I'd suggest putting borders (think DOORSTOP or SUPPORT2/3, for example) where wall textures change, and lower-unpegged DOORTRAK alongside the doors. 


I'd say the battles are still pretty samey too, lots of big empty rooms with a bunch of heavy-hitter monsters that the player doesn't have enough ammo to fight.  The room with the baron and chaingunner on the turret, and the big open one with the monster ledges: these were better because they actually at least tried to place the enemies more strategically.  Keep trying more stuff like that, use the geography of the level to your advantage!  


Keep trying.  There's a lot still to be improved but at least you're trying new things a bit along the way.  Like @Silhou3tte said too, go out and look at some levels, be they custom or IWAD levels, that you like, and really think about what makes them good and what techniques in layout and visual design you could try for yourself.  Don't be afraid either to spend a little more time on your maps, take time to add decorative elements here and there, and definitely playtest them a lot yourself before you release them.  

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