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Check out a few of my video game music remixes!

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For those who enjoy remixes of their favorite video game tunes, here's a few remixes for games you might remember. 


Ironically, my Doom remixes are still in the works, as I'm doing them with some real recorded guitar parts.


If you dig it, like and subscribe.  Much more coming soon.  Thanks for listening!

Channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt5q-mzscR6w1q9Tm7y_oKQ/videos


Rise of the Triad - Goin Down the Fast Way:  



Deus Ex - UNATCO:


Unreal Tournament - Foregone Destruction:


Deus Ex - DuClare Chateau:

Deus Ex - The Synapse:


Edited by Cmdr. J.T. Marshmallow

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