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Egg Boy

2 Scrapped Egg Boy Maps

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Played in GZDoom v4.4.2 on UV. Solid two maps, I liked them a lot! MAP01 was your typical Scythe map, as the name suggested - the use of hitscanners was quite devilish, and I enjoyed the RL fight at the end with several revenants. Great texture use, too, the map is visually nice enough and a decent challenge.

MAP02 is obviously more difficult but a lot of fun. Really puts your dodging skills to the test with the Cyber, several revenants, and well-placed Archviles throughout the map. I knew what I was in for when I saw the map name. XD Not as visually-appealing as MAP01 but the combat makes up for that. Good stuff!

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The title made me laugh when I opened the automap. The style of Scythe X is there, as are some memorable landmarks, but a lot of features are just different enough that this reads not as a homage but as the slightly comedic "bootleg" it's referred to as. It is well crafted, with really clean texturing and use of repeated detail. 


Flow has a hitch around the RK->BK part, which forces an unexpectedly long detour for this style of layout -- a layout that looks like it's made for really slick progression instead. In terms of combat, the crusher area and the revenant outro were my highlights. Most of the rest is pretty inert compared to similar content in Scythe X. The complex is full of narrow thresholds, and after the beginning, groups of monsters are only ever introduced into one area at a time. This means that you can retreat to, or stay camped out behind, the nearest threshold.




Cool. With two setpieces and some connective tissue, it is the kind of small map that sits midway between the sort of concept agnosticism typical of tiny Scythey maps -- "have some monsters, have fun" -- and a more overt gimmick map. That is another way of saying the few encounters it has feel really thought out, despite the short build time. 


The first main fight gives you a choice between dueling four revs with no better than the chaingun, or grabbing the SSG and adding a vile to a claustrophobic mix. Both choices are fun. There is also an elegant solution, trading chaos for precision, of herding the four revenants into the central cage before picking up the SSG.


The cyberbullying portion has a bunch of neat ideas: from the itinerary you have to tackle for the teased yellow key, to the way ammo and the number of useful infighters is limited to prevent easy early disposal of the cyber, to the foreshadowed revs and viles, to platforming and that nest of barrel-loving zombies. This area is like a minigame in itself. Execution would be smoother if the doorways in this portion were large enough to allow the cyberdemon easy pathing between zones. Cybie would often get caught up in one for a while, which defuses some of the tension. I didn't notice the switch in the western dual revenant closet for a short while, which I would chalk up to the low light level inside. 

Edited by rd.

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Thank you guys for playing!


on the subject of the blue key in map01, I originally intended to spring a second revenant trap in that area but decided against it.

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