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Resurrecting old unfinished megawad

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I stumbled across a megawad I started 15 years ago and have decided that I want to finally finish it. It was originally designed for doom2 but I've decided to use a mapinfo lump so it might eventually be zdoom only, I'm unsure how many ports support mapinfo. The megawad doesn't follow a particular theme or anything, just a random collection of levels. Some levels are not finished. All need to be modified for better gameplay and aesthetics. If anyone is interested in helping me give these levels more details, adjust gameplay, finish unfinished areas, ect just let me know via PM. Adding new graphics is allowed. This project is currently unnamed so if anyone has suggestions as to what to name this that would be appreciated, I'm really bad at naming things.


I'll be making the work in progress publicly available and will try to update the file every few days or so.

https://gofile.io/d/VET9ds (3/11/21)


This project will require cc4-tex.wad.













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