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Could someone possibly host these texture wads?

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I've just put together a public release of the texture wad for the now dead project "Episode 5: In Thy Nightmares", in Doom 1 and Doom 2 versions.

The problem is that even though both zips are pretty tiny, at 326kb each, this is too big for the host I use (who apparently allow a maxmimum filesize of 256kb - pathetic I know).

So if anyone is willing to host these two zips for me, I'd be extremely grateful. Anyway, thanks in advance!

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ravage said:

Sure. I'll host it for you; no problem. :) geocities.com/dragon_69283]Site.

Thanks, but it's taken care of now :)

Umm, what host ARE you using?

Freeservers. They're crap, but then again, all free hosts are crap. Besides, I'd rather have a filesize limit than a bandwidth limit or hundreds of pop-ups.

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kristus said:

why was it abandoned?

Because no one bothered to do any work on it, I guess (with a couple of big exceptions).

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