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Does PrBoom+ support custsom mugshots?


I've been overriding various sprites by adding them to my WAD in Slade and giving them the same names as the sprites I want to override in Doom 2. So far, it's worked for weapons, enemies and even the sky. However, I wanted to change the player's mugshot in the HUD and, while it appears to work in Zandronum, it doesn't in PrBoom+. Is this unsupported, or is there a way to get it working?

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It should support it as there are a few mapset that use the same thing you are pointing, like this and this.

They work without problem.

The mugshot sprites doesn't go between the S_START and S_END markers, they go wherever you want, except between any marker.

Check those megawads i linked.

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Uh, so the weirdest thing keeps happening. Whenever I get hit on the side, my game crashes with a signal 11. I downloaded those mods you mentioned, and while CouldUWouldU seems to work fine, 32HNPAIN crashes as soon as I try to start a new game with the same error. Very weird.


EDIT: Yeah, I took out the mugshots and everything works fine. I put them back in and if I get shot from the sides, the game crashes soon after the mugshot turns to the marine looking sideways, even if I'm turning away from the enemy.


EDIT 2: I removed my sprites and added in the ones from CouldUWouldU, and now everything works fine. So it's something with my sprites that's messing up the game. No idea what it could be, though.

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