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Strife Coop Patch Project [v1.0, Strife and SVE support]

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The above playthroughs were played with extra mods loaded (links will be updated, check back later):

Nash's HP Bar
Nash's Coop Tools
Better Strife


Strife Coop Project (StrifeCoop) v1.0

Developed by Nash Muhandes


- IWADs supported: Sigil: Quest for the Sigil (1.2-1.31) and Strife: Veteran Edition.
- Supports up to 4 players.
- Fixed player starts. All maps now have properly-functioning player starts.
- All players' stats and the story's quest status are synchronized. One player accepting a quest will update all players' quest logs, turning in a quest will affect all players, etc.
- All players can hear Blackbird's comm unit transmissions (and see subtitles printed on screen) simultaneously.
- SVE support includes the super secret level, the talismans and the reward for collecting all 3 talismans.
- Enemies will randomly target any player as long as they are within distance and line of sight.
- Supports latent player joining (for example, starting a 2-player game, saving, quitting and then loading the saved game with a newly-joining 3rd player).

Optional core features

- You must gather your party before venturing forth! All players must group together before being allowed to exit the level.
- Visible chat bubbles above an NPC's head when they are talking to a player.
- Visual player disguise when picking up the Officer's uniform.
- Bad ending (triggerable when all players are killed by The Entity).

Optional game balance features

- Enemy health scaling. Enemies' max health increases by 25% for every online player.
- Extra ammo drops. Spawns an extra ammo pickup for every online player.
- Enemies drop gold coins when killed. With health scaling enabled, ammo tends to run out faster. The extra coins would help players purchase more ammo.
- Uber Entity!


- Overall gameplay balance with regards to enemy health and ammo is still imperfect.
- It is possible to sequence break certain events (even more than in single player), due to the simple nature of players being able to be on any part of the map at any given time, therefore possibly triggering certain events out of order. I have deliberately not addressed any of these for now. Play cooperatively.
- I have done nothing with regards to prevent you from bricking the quest. The same things that will result in quest dead ends in single player still applies here.
- During the early phases of the game, if the alarms are raised in town, it is possible to eventually kill all the guards, therefore no more of them will teleport into town when the alarms are raised again at a later time.
- After being killed by any enemy and respawning yourself, they will "forget" you and just stand idle until they are attacked again.


- GZDoom only! No Zandronum support, not now or probably ever.
- At the time of this writing, GZDoom devbuild g4.6pre-189-g03473abea (or later) is REQUIRED. I have made several engine-side fixes that StrifeCoop relies on to function properly.
- Strife Coop Project is compatible with the commercial IWAD and the Veteran Edition IWAD only.
- Demo/teaser IWADs are not supported.
- StrifeCoop is NOT COMPATIBLE with any mods that edit the built-in Strife helper library (STRFHELP). I had to edit and recompile it for some of the fixes StrifeCoop implements.
- StrifeCoop is definitely NOT compatible with gameplay mods that do not take multiplayer into consideration, or have not specifically implemented network-friendly practices in their implementation.
- StrifeCoop is compatible with language packs, except for the ones where the timings of the slideshows has been altered. In such cases, StrifeCoop MUST be loaded AFTER the language packs (see the "Important" section below).
- StrifeCoop, as its name implies, is obviously meant to be played in cooperative mode only. I have made no changes to deathmatch mode and therefore it's unsupported.


StrifeCoop must be loaded absolutely last in your load order. Do not let other mods overwrite anything from StrifeCoop. And ESPECIALLY if you are using language packs which alter the slideshow timings. This is non-negotiable!

DESYNCS? Be sure to check the following:

- Make sure every player has the EXACT copy of the IWAD. The game WILL desync if everyones' IWADs don't match!
- When playing with other mods, be absolutely certain that every player has the exact copies of the mods loaded in the exact order.
- When loading saved games, be absolutely sure that everyone has the correct save file loaded.


StrifeCoop has been thoroughly playtested live on stream and it is confirmed to be absolutely stable and can be played from start to finish through all endings. See the following links for proof:
Part 1 - bad ending
Part 2 - good ending





Edited by Nash

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Download has been added to the first post.

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Posted (edited)


v1.0 is almost ready and I'll be streaming a full playthrough of it (with 3 other friends!) on my Twitch this weekend. :)

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Posted (edited)

Well, that went better than I'd hope. :) The game was successfully completed in coop, through the bad ending path. There were some minor bugs, easily fixable. What I don't know how to fix though - is balance. Man, not gonna lie, balance was whack as hell LOL. Yes, I did turn on the enemy health scaling and extra ammo drop features, thinking that those would enhance the experience but boy was I wrong. :P I mean this is why we do a playtest; to see what works and what doesn't. I'll be trying a few different things until it's finally perfect.

v1.0 will drop some time this week, and the good ending stream will be announced later this week as well. Thanks to those who popped in!

Shoutout to @Quasar for hanging out in the chat! Appreciate the development insights.

(I will post the videos of the streams some time next week too - I'm going to wait for the good ending playthrough to be recorded first).

Oh, and have a legendary moment caught on camera (photo by Kostov):



Edited by Nash

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6 hours ago, Nash said:

Yes, I did turn on the enemy health scaling and extra ammo drop features, thinking that those would enhance the experience but boy was I wrong


You mean game become too easy in coop?

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Game became annoying because enemies got too health-sponge-ey with the health scaling, and we kept running out of ammo. :P I have lowered the amount of health scaling, will have to test it the next few days.

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Posted (edited)



Join us tomorrow, Saturday 27th March 2021, as we wrap things up and kick The One God's alien butt in coop mode! Me, Kostov, Dark-Assassin and StroggVorbis will return to entertain you. :)

I've fixed all of the issues that we caught on stream last week so HOPEFULLY tomorrow will go smooth!

See you there!

v1.0 will be officially released after the stream!

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Version 1.0 has been released, after a month of development. Have fun!!

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Link to Better Strife, one of the mods used in my StrifeCoop live streams, is added to the first post. I decided not to make a new project thread for it here due to my very small audience. If anyone has any issues with Better Strife, just post in this thread (or the ZDoom forum thread if you have access to it)

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Oh, it hasn't been released yet, I was trying to fix the ammo share menu before I got busy... I'll be sure to make another post when it's up!


The other thing, the HP bar one, has been out for a few days though.

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