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Ok, my burner hasnt been working for a while and i think i just figured it out. In "MY Computer", it says the drive is a cd-rom disk. Just like my normal drive (non-burner) that works, says. But, if i open properties the normal one is a CDFS and the burner is a FAT32. im aware a FAT32 is a HD. I need help on fixing this. Thank you

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1) Fill sink with water.
2) Turn computer on.
3) Dip in sink.

It worked for my brother's computer.

Really, mine says FAT too, so it's not the file system that needs fixing; they all say FAT or FAT32. It sounds like your burner just sucks. Does it burn bad CDs or not work at all? 80-minute CDRs suck, don't buy them. Industry standards limit CD's to approximately 78 minutes because most drives have trouble reading beyond 78 minutes.

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I'm on my third burner right now. My Memorex one conked out pretty quick (a CD got so overheated it partially MELTED inside of it) and my Iomega drive is also resting in peace. My Iomega one was pretty good, although it was more of a bare-bones burner.

I'm on a Creative 32x8x4x right now and I'm pretty happy with it. It doesn't like burning CD's very damn much, often times the software refuses the disc and I just keep giving it to it until it takes it.

Nero sucks ass.
CDRWin is great but unintuitive.
Adaptec 5.0 Platinum is AWESOME.

Really, there are some things you have to think about before you conclude that your burner is toast.

1. How many CDs have you burned with it? Most burners are only warranted for a *REALLY* small amount of burning time... some are even as low as 1600 hours! If it simply WILL NOT burn anymore it could be dead. I hope you got the extended warranty (I burn a couple cds a day, I quickly learned to get that warranty since I kick burners' asses pretty quickly).

2. Is it overheated? Open it up and hover a finger inside... does it seem abnormally HOT? Iomega burners have vents on them, my new Creative one doesn't... so mine can overheat pretty quickly. Consider getting one of those double barrelled fans that eats up a power cable and a bay slot. You would be amazed how much heat is generated when you burn a CD.

3. Are you using shitty media? PNY discs are pretty generic but they usually work without trouble. Kensiko discs are FUCKING indestructible but they don't burn well. TDK discs are generic too, although I don't have any problems with mine. Memorex discs are pretty good (if you get them, make sure they have that coated look too them, the new solid color ones SUCK).

Iomega CDs are SHIT incarnate. Avoid the hell out of them. Any super cheap generic cdrs should be avoided too, they're probably not worth the trouble of buying. Those gold or platinum discs work just fine; I can't tell the difference (except for price).

Just about the best I can recommend are NASHUA.

Using discs that say Staples or Office Depot on them is cool, just look who made them. Most of them are done by PNY, so they should work fine.

And if nothing else, download a firmware update. Reinstall your burning software. Try the best discs you can get. If it still doesn't work I just hope it's still under the warranty for replacement. =)

I haven't had a burner last me a full year yet.

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Jeez, I haven't had a burner die on me yet :)

My first one is a lousy external 2x and it's still crankin'. It must be at least 3 years old, maybe 4 or 5. Another one I have no idea about - it came from my office about 5 months ago and says "CD-Rewritable" on the front. I can burn CDs at 4x with it. It's internal, and that's what I use now.

I've tried Memorex CDRs and they ARE the suck. The stupid shit is so hard to read from that fast-forwarding in a stereo actually rewinds it. I usually use Verbatim CDs. I have a sensitive CD player than I test CDRs on and they work the best in it. Their 80 minute ones are also the only 80 minute CDRs that haven't gone goofy on me after a burn (static and fuzz in early music tracks, trouble reading from even in the burner, etc.).

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fuji makes some decent cdrs....the memorex's bottom coating is too light and my comp cant read em(im suprised it reads n e burned cd its a 94 cd drive) fujis r perfect

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