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Rotting Corpse

Icon Of Sin

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There are two ways that I can think of:

1 - Sprite scaling to make the monster look bigger.
2 - A lot more complicated way is to modify the source code. Then create a monster with two or three parts, one on top of another, and make it so that the individual parts move together in unison. Like I said, it's possible, but sort of difficult.

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In your doom editor theres a 'thing' called boss shooter. placing that will send monster boxes to each spawn spot you have your map. The structures/stuff you choose to surround the boss shooter is up to you. Thats how icon of sin works, the face aint necersary. Place that john romero head where you want it to be hit. Leave it to you to think of systems to kill him.

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Demons Hand said:

Has any oen made a Icon Of Sin that is not a face on a wall. If not how do you make things taller then a cyber demon?

Lame doom has a icon of sin without a big goat face.

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