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Is playing the original/vanilla iwads without infinite height cheating?

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If you are participating in the speedrunning community, they will have pretty well-defined ground rules of what you can and cannot use to play a WAD, and anything outside of those rules is cheating.  Those rules are necessary in order to put everybody on the same footing.


But if you're playing the game for fun, there's not really anything resembling "cheating", because that implies there's some sort of competition going on.  At most, it's going to make people give you a side-eye if you try to claim something as "too easy" and then show a video of yourself cheesing the fight with an unintended engine cheat - and that's incredibly low stakes.

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On 2/28/2021 at 9:03 PM, Bauul said:

I've always felt it's a scale. A higher resolution than 320x200 makes the game easier too: is that cheating? What about the auto-run button, that makes things much easier than holding Shift the whole time. Obviously also cheating.


It's really down to the application. Freelook, jumping, non-infinite height enemies etc. aren't automatically cheating by simply being present, but if you use them to give yourself an unrealistic advantage (surfing on demons, breaking progression, shooting the IoS from the ground etc.) then yes that's cheating. 


But also, that's absolutely fine. Play the game however you want (as long as you recognize you are playing it with advantages).


I play Doom by always holding the shift button myself. That's how I am used to playing since my childhood.


A finger of my left hand is always holding the shift button while I am playing.


I play much better by always holding shift button.

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The only correct way to play Doom is to play on a 386 in your mother's basement with the lights off, not having showered for a month and your fingers covered in cheeto dust.

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