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Stimulants - [5 Maps // RCFINAL // 4/13/2021]

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Map 03 in the current RC appears to be bugged -- no way out of the blue key pit, as the mechanism actuated by the switch on the back of the key's pillar appears to be jammed in some way. Here's an FDA up to that point demonstrating the issue (verified the bug in -nomonsters mode as well). Further experimenting shows it's evidently some kind of simulation technicality, as the map works without a hitch if run in complevel 9 rather than complevel 2.


Fine short set besides that; your signature look translated into more of a military/industrial flavor than usual, with well-defined gameplay ideas (as opposed to generalized fast combat) that fit the short runtimes comfortably. I like m03 the most of the three, though pistol-starters at least will likely find m02 to be the set's party piece.

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@Demon of the Well

Weird, I'm not sure why linedef action 23 just didn't work when I tried it in chocodoom. I've updated the OP with a fix.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts btw, This was a good way of practicing not giving a damn about how my maps would turn out, since I'm trying to move away from overthinking about how unique my style it compared to the rest of the crowd. Still have a bit of practice to do before I am really comfortable with it though.

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Slackerdash: An elegantly shaped Breezeepbase with strong material contrasts -- a formula that is hard to complain much about. Especially liked the rising bridge that intersects the layout. Meaty map compared to weaponry; ended up shotgunning and chaingunning a handful of mid-tiers in this one. 


Hardline: A sister map of Slackerdash. The post-teleporter situation is exciting, and I actually expected a kind of "12 Angry Revenants" deal with those especially after two (different) revenants teleported into the pit below, but they mostly aren't involved in the action past that first area, apart from some long-distance sniping, which is the way that gimmick feels undercooked. Apart from that I enjoyed it. 


Impotent: Quite fun. The lack of armor makes things abrasive but is also responsible for how exciting it can get -- a manc projectile coming at you, dodge, oh crap a chaingunner nearby, sprint over here, oh shit another mancubus, etc. The action feels inflected with good non-gimmicky gameplay ideas in a way that is atypical for a speedmap of this brevity. The ending was a bit of a letdown with just two HKs. You could probably make one a vile. 

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I recorded some FDAs, one for each map. Here they are:



Map01: Fun for the most part, but I wish I didn't have to spend so much time killing mid-tier enemies with the shotgun for maxing this.
Map02: I got close to the end on the first attempt, died, didn't feel like being cautious in future attempts, so I played aggressively and died a lot. Eventually made it to the end. In total, I played this map for a little less than 15 minutes.
Map03: Died a few times, but nothing like what happened to me on map02. Fun and hectic throughout, but it would be nice to have a rocket launcher in the exit room or something to make the cleanup at the end a little quicker.


Overall, fun set. 03 > 02 > 01, though 02 is perhaps more memorable.

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I played the 3rd already back when you shared it over on the Hell Forge Discord server, so I'll start by sticking that one here:



Hot damn, mate, these three maps are all intense but also really fun and are a testament to your particular skill set as a Doom mapper. You have a real knack for making frenetic combat scenarios that are challenging, but never feel especially mean-spirited. Rather, you know how to make action feel slick and stylish with cunning ambushes and such that make the player feel like a badass once overcoming the odds. Just top notch stuff that perfectly demonstrates why you're one of my favourite mappers. :^)



Edited by Biodegradable

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I got to play map 1 of 3, was a good challenge, then I got to have a peek at map 2 and it killed me a whole bunch


Will try to resume later, good stuff - like short and difficult maps like this:



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Okay I had time to finish this


I really enjoyed these maps they are difficult and challenging without being unfair and ridiculous 


I'm sure if I had time I could try to attempt a saveless run but there's so many maps and so little time haha. I loved it







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Ultra-Violence || Zandronum || Weapons-OS



Deaths → Maps 01 & 02: 0; Map 03: 1 (Killed by Revenant)

Saves → none


Map 01:








A really interesting map, with a good challenge raised from the beginning, I liked how it all starts with the Pinkys wanting to bite the Marine, then see the Mancubus as if they were ranged shooters, and the truth is that all the combat in In general, I thought it was very good, as the structure of the map was very good, not as monotonous as I imagined but if it has one or another basic design on top, in the same way everything was very entertaining.


Map 02:








Another map just as interesting but also just as basic, more however, in combat this map stands out well, to tell the truth the part of the structure is the least here, since this area is not so big or confusing, so Moving on to the fights, there are quite a few Revenants here, and they annoy more than the Hitscanners and any other demons, that's because this level does not have the Super Shotgun, which makes it even longer to have to kill the Revenants from the beginning. , since with respect to the enemies in the area with the blue key, they were not a big problem in exterminating them, but hey, I enjoyed everything in the same way.


Map 03:








A map with a beginning as intense as possible, but before that, I must say that the architecture used here was much better than that of the other 2, I really liked how this is now if it seemed like something you could identify, like a kind of industrial zone that seemed to work with high-quality machinery for the manufacture of elevators, however, now going into combat, here it stands out, and by far, from the beginning it already gives you to understand that they will be very serious and ugly, and just knowing that there are Chaingunners on the back side of the Marine, that obviously did not mean a very good sign, therefore, that the SSG is at this level, it is already a miracle, because if the Having to clean the area of so much demon that there is, the damn Mancubus are lurking, and that really only brings problems, and if the main area was already just something ugly, the interior of the structure is worse. a hell knight, because In the trap of the blue key, it is a horrible encounter with more Mancubus and incidentally, 2 Revenants on the sides, thank goodness that the ugly ends up there, because then in the part of the blue door, everything is a little more quiet. Overall, I liked everything, really interesting, basic but entertaining, hopefully I will see more equally interesting maps in the future, buddy, great job on this little set of maps.

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Good stuff, all three maps had a through-line with a large group of monsters pushing the player into an arena. I also noticed every map had the floor lowering/raising in some way, leading to all three of the maps having a fun and dynamic layout. Despite their similarities, they all use these ideas in a different way. 

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Heya folks, I've decided to give this little set an update to make it a little more complete by my standards. And fyi, the two new maps that have been added crash vanilla doom, so here's a changelog:


  • Added two new maps: 02 - Keranen Lane, 03 - Redrum
  • Added a secret area to MAP01
  • All maps now have clean automaps (because I'm that kind of person)
  • Added a TITLEPIC and an INTERPIC
  • Added CWILV's for each map


The OP has been updated with the newest version. As usual, feedback is much appreciated.

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Posted (edited)

Played through RC2 and it's a nice set of bite-sized maps. FDA's attached (glboom+ -complevel 2, UV).


A couple of bugs first:

  • Map03: The new map03 broke on me; the first BK door after grabbing the blue key didn't work for some reason and I was stuck in that area.
  • Map03: You can easily grab the blue key through the midtex window without pressing the switch, which bypasses the ambush that would follow in that area.
  • Map05: A couple of ammo boxes in the blue key pit (things 10 and 101) are floating in mid-air as they are a little bit too close to the ledges with Chainers.

Apart from the unfortunate softlock in map03, these were very enjoyable short maps. Some general comments:

  • Map02 definitely pulled off the Iikka Keränen -esque architecture very well so the map name fits. Really like the little AV "puzzles" here, they're not very difficult but with the lack of better weapons they make you think a bit.
  • Map04: The Rev horde seems imposing at first but in the end doesn't do all that much apart from the initial surprise. That said, I died in this one a fair few times for whatever reason. Paid too much attention to hitscanners, which are scary without armor sure, while there were more dangerous enemies lurking about...
  • Map05: This was my favorite out of the five. Some well crafted ambushes with high-danger monster combos, especially without armor, keeps you on your toes here. The Manc ambushes are especially deadly with such little room to maneuver.


Edited by Veinen

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Posted (edited)


Nice catch. I've updated the OP with the latest version that fixes the issues with MAP02 and MAP05, while I was at it, I've made some very slight visual and gameplay changes to 02. This might be the last version I will be posting before I send it to IDGames, unless something else is wrong with the set that needs fixing.

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Hey, I've updated this again, after this, it'll be heading to idgames very soon. Check the OP for the link as usual.





  • MAP04 and MAP05 now have proper secrets, can you find them all?
  • Added another secret in MAP03 and fixed a slight visual mishap
  • That's pretty much it.



Edited by Breezeep

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