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Alpha/Delta Invasion with PooP: Fartyguns

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We at MDF strive to build a large and mature community, that is why we have decided to host a pub session of Alpha/Delta Invasion with PooP: Fartyguns on Sunday, February 28th @ 4pm EST / 10pm CET, running on Zandronum.


PooP: Fartyguns is a gameplay WAD, finely crafted by Recurracy, that turns the DOOM Multiplayer experience into a literal shitpost. Telling you more about it will spoil the fun, but lets just say that it features chaos, soundbytes, and lots of farts.


So lets collectively turn our brains off and join in on the fun! It's a casual event, so feel free to hop in and play as much as you want!


Warning, side effects of participating include but are not limited to: Irritability, Tennis Elbow, Toenail Discoloration, Big Nose Syndrome, Happy Liver Disease, Mobius Loops, Fat Beats, Explosive Diarrhea, and Implosive Diarrhea.


If you want to participate, just be on the lookout for a server on Sunday, or better yet, join the MDF Discord server and stay up to date with this+upcoming events. Joining will also allow you to get in touch with the WAD's developer and provide direct feedback!



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Knee-Deep in the Gas

The Sharts of Hell


Thy Farts Consumed

Doom Toot


Okay, I'll stop now. That sure looks wacky. Is it compatible with Brootal Dewn? ;^P

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4 hours ago, Biodegradable said:

Is it compatible with Brootal Dewn? ;^P

Probably not :v

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