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Crepitations - Otex map

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Damn @Biodegradable, that was a fun ride! the mod made it even more cool to watch.

About the marines you wondered, they just resemble captured buddies, they can be used as human shield in some spots!

I loved how you found some secrets there, specially berserker and soulsphere ones, good hunt.

You showed no love for the 1st cyberdemon, he could have been your best friend but no problem, I dropped enough ammo for

you cyberdmon haters. 2nd one, you managed it totally as intended, good job!

Thanks a lot for the video man, enjoyed it a lot as usual, see you in the next one.


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Little update, a couple of misalignments, and a slight monster relocation.

Link changed, if any problems please let me know.

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I liked this one (played v2.2 last night), it felt like you were exploring different parts of an interconnected city.  I enjoyed the secrets, too, they really added to the sense of exploration.  The soulsphere and the berserk were my favorites, probably, but I only found 8/10.  Good combination of sky, music, and those reddish vines, it gave the map a nice fall theme.

Other stuff:

  •  In the timed platforming section in the sewer area, it took me a long time to realize that the second switch up top was also timed.  I felt silly when I finally realized!
  •  At first I felt like there was too much ammo, but then I saw your comment about giving ammo to people who don't want to use infighting, which is fair.  There were definitely a lot of places in this map where it was fun to arrange infighting, though.
  •  There were some really fun fights toward the end.  I loved the area with the cybderdemon and the plasma rifle, and also the fight with the archvile and the barons and the imps in that narrow hallway.

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Here's my video playthrough:



Absolutely stellar map. I found it delightful from start to finish. I did find it overall on the easier side, but I thought there were enough fun setpieces and interesting traps, it's not like I was sleepwalking through this map. This map has the feel of a carnival ride - something that is a little more on rails but is woven up intricately and packed full of surprises. The pacing was nice, it didn't feel like I was slogging through a 400 monster, 45 minute map - it gripped me the whole way through but had good quiet moments befitting a map with this atmosphere. 


I've got to say, I find your use of OTEX very impressive. You have a great idea for how to use color and contrast in the texture set and you create something that really stands on its own. It's impressive without being ostentatious. I was very into the theme of this map, and I duly loved how you had this industrial and ugly layer under the charming village exterior.  Some people might be disappointed if they think the map presents this possibly open exploration type of map (especially with the beginning area), but I was okay with that fact that it was mostly a pretty linear quest. The whole thing is a blast.

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Thanks @Salmon and @LVENdead for give it a try, the video was a really good review, really enjoyed the commentary!


After watching your video just wanted to point out some stuff you wondered about and such.

Doom marines! They work just as enviromental story, imagination is your best friend here, they can be used as human shield too.

Sorry I couldnt make an easier way to tag the soulsphere secret at the plaza, tried multiple ways, still tricky, so you really got 6 secrets.

Also to point how rng played a bit odd in your 2nd cyber encounter, I got him dead by infight 90% of the time!

Secret Invulnerability:


A bit odd, changed the powerup 2 or 3 times, if you get it you can blaze through up to the blue key nasty fight,

if you previously clean the crushers area of course. I guess works better in a 2nd playthrough, when you already know whats going to happen.


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In addition to the more studied praise above, as a fellow practitioner of DoomCute I'd just like to add my kudos for such details as the plunger next to the toilet. I knew my bathrooms were missing something! Haha.


Great map!

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Yeah @raviner I was going to point out some details in your map once Ive completed it.

One in particular was the meat packages in the basement, done with the guts texture, neat!

To be honest, I had a very similar idea for my map, explorable street of some kind,

but evolved into a little old town. I always try to put a bit of DoomCute, adds realism and its quite funny.

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I finally got round to playing this! A fun little town map, I really like the effort you put into the Doomcute rooms in the start. I got a bit stuck in a couple of places but nothing I couldn't work out after a while. Probably I preferred your last map Festering Cesspool because that was just non-stop action, but this was still good.


I tried for a 100% playthrough again, sadly I fell one secret short :( I looked it up in the editor and it seems that what I thought would be the trigger was the actual trigger, but for some reason it never worked for me in my actual playthrough. Maybe because the trigger line is so narrow.


Video link that should be available eventually, right now it's still in progress:


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Thanks for the footage @Horus!

Sad to hear about that little line (book), maybe you didnt pressed the right pixel, unlucky.

Also sorry to make you wonder wtf was happenig at the platform section, I tend to set one of those if the map is big enough

for variety, but most people get annoyed/confused.

Nice run buddy.



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