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Demo Bounty Month [March 1 - April 1]

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Posted (edited)

Demo Bounty Month [March 1 - April 1]


It's time for another demo month challenge!


Rather than focusing on a specific player, each participant can set bounties from their own demos.


Beating another player's selected demos will net you points.



- you must beat a demo in order to post your own bounties.

- your bounty list can contain up to 10 demos, which must be records.

- bounties can be for any category, even obscure ones (pacifist 100s).

- each bounty is worth 1 point, except for priority bounties.

- in your list, you can set 3 priority bounties worth 3 points each (mark with a *).

- you must beat a bounty by a second at least (i.e., tics aren't counted for this competition).

- the first person to beat the demo gets the points.

- you can only post one list (you can't set 10 bounties each time you beat a demo).

- you don't have to post bounties if you don't want to (if you have few records for instance).

- you don't get points for beating your own bounties.

- make sure to double check that the run you are beating is a record.

- for every 5 bounties you complete (that's 5 demos, not 5 points), you can post an extra 5 of your own. One of these can be worth 3 points.

- for every 10 bounties you complete, you can post a bounty for a run that has not been done, worth 3 points. Example: doom 2 map 30 pacifist.


Standings and bounties doc by @4shockblast:



Previous demo month thread: grazza


As a seed to kick it off, here is my bounty list:

  • btsx_e1 map 1 nomo100s in 1:07
  • d2ino map 32 pacifist in 0:33
  • dcv map 19 uv speed in 6:15
  • dtwid e1m3 pacifist in 0:52
  • * eviltech map 1 nomo in 0:25
  • h_phobia map 5 uv max in 4:45
  • * perdgate map 11 uv fast in 3:06
  • speezdec map 30 uv respawn in 0:41
  • * wos ep 1 uv max in 57:53
  • zone300 map 1 pacifist in 0:28


Have fun!

Edited by kraflab

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Posted (edited)

You know I had to go for the perdgate run first. :^)


Perdition's Gate Map 11 UV -fast in 2:15.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huRGQyUkDVU


  • 100linen    map 19  pacifist   in 0:40
  • abyspe27    map 06  uv max     in 4:18
  • * allhell     d2all   uv speed   in 3:39
  • d2twid      map 21  pacifist   in 0:57
  • exfistpe    map 01  tyson      in 5:16
  • * perdgate    map 16  uv max     in 3:10
  • * proj-x      map 12  uv max     in 0:18
  • scythe      map 12  stroller   in 0:45
  • sodfinal    map 13  nm speed   in 0:35
  • vilchal     map 01  uv speed   in 0:38
  • ************* noye     map 01  uv speed   in 0:00 (1 trillion points)



Edited by 4shockblast

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Posted (edited)

abyspe27 Map 06 Max in 3:28.. maybe ill improve it later, just securing a spot to make a list. :^) 




aaliens Map 22 UV Max in 5:42

dmonfear Map 07 UV Speed in 16.00

*eviternity Map 24 UV Max in 8:32 (I remember I put a good amount of exits in to this time but it was a while ago at this point)

pnano18 Map 02 UV Fast in 4:35

dyincam1 Map 10 NM100 in 0:53

*rspnhell Map 12 UV Max in 10:43 (probably pretty easy to beat, just was a longish map to learn and I didn't feel like it at the time)

flotsam Map 11 Pacifist in 0:45 

*lunatic D2all UV Speed in 10:14 (once again easy to beat, just a long run :p )

32of64-lr Map 26 UV Fast in 4:17

nessus Map 07 in 1:38 ( It's a Masters level Map also you can't get the secret as far as I know. )

Edited by Bdubzzz

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Posted (edited)

Map 12 UV MAX 0:17
(Sorry, 4shock, 16 will be someoneelse's job)

  • boatyboat      Map 14     UV Pacifist in   0:14
  • collect           E1M9     NoMo      in      0:21
  • *dbp11            Map 7    UV MAX in       7:56
  • *jb-reces        Map 2    UV Pacifist in   0:16
  • liberty           d2all       UV MAX in       6:37

  • mayhem18p    Map 19    NoMo 100S in 2:59
  • *njdoom2      Map 26    UV Pacifist in    0:43
  • pnano18      Map 1    UV Pacifist in       1:12
  • reverie       Map 14    UV MAX in        4:36
  • warcade5    Map 1    UV MAX in        2:19


Edited by Tezur0 : changed stars, before its too late!

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Posted (edited)

100LineN Map19 Pacifist 0:25


Nine different categories:

  • enigma map09 uv speed 2:18
  • 1337 map06 uv max 3:15
  • eternal map08 pacifist 15:28 (can be 2-3 times faster)
  • * hr2final map28 uv fast 49:39 (not hard but tedious)
  • ngmvmt1 map15 nm speed 1:29
  • av map24 tyson 39:01 (this map needs proper tyson)
  • punishr nm 100s 2:02
  • avj map04 stroller 1:03
  • sodfinal map15 nomo 0:26


Edited by GrumpyCat

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Posted (edited)

Time for my list :)


*200minvr map20 pacifist in 11.77

*pbtime  uv max in 1:56

*smax map31 uv max in 49:02

btnx_e1 map30 uv max in 0:43

darken d2all uv max in 42:11

doom404 map30 uv max in 1:42

redundancy map7 uv max in 4:11

sinergy e1m7 uv speed in 32.09

tmmc map32 uv max in 4:47

vile map29 uv max in 12:22


Edited by lirui1001

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Posted (edited)

200 Minutes of /vr/

Map20 UV Pacifist in 10.60



Map Title: Punch It!

Me: No, I don't.




Here are some of my list. I'll get more when I have time to pick.


Eviternity                                                  Map28     UV Speed in 2:21.49

NoYe                                                        Map27     UV Pacifist in 0:51.06

TNT: Revilution (tntr)                                 Map01     UV Max in 1:54.63

*Vanguard                                                Map13     UV -Fast in 13:07.11

*Japanese Community Project (jpcp)           Map26     UV Max in 15:45.51

Fruit Salad                                                 Map02     UV Max in 1:00.40

*Speed of Doom (sodfinal)                          Map05     UV Max/Reality in 11:46

Back to Saturn X E1                                   Map19      UV Pacifist in 0:48




When I'm looking at what records do I have, I only found... so few :^)

Edited by GarrettChan

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Posted (edited)

Eviternity Map28 UV-Speed in 2:08



Here's some miserable slogs for noone to try and beat;

  • Ancient Aliens Map28 UV-Max in 6:17
  • Stardate 20x6 Map01 UV-Max in 4:19
  • *Eviternity Map32 UV-Max in 28:28
  • Dimensions Map32 UV-Max in 8:46
  • Noye Map34 Tyson in 2:05
  • Flotsam Map05 UV-Max in 4:35
  • *Flotsam Map06 UV-Max in 6:24
  • *Finely Crafted Fetish Film Map07 UV-Max in 36:34
  • Ancient Aliens UV-Max D2All in 4:00:53
  • Valiant UV-Max D2All in 4:11:39


Edited by Daerik

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6 hours ago, GarrettChan said:


When I'm looking at what records do I have, I only found... so few :^)


On 3/1/2021 at 1:03 AM, kraflab said:

- bounties can be for any category, even obscure ones (pacifist 100s).


So reality runs count? They are not displayed as "records" but they are records...

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5 hours ago, vdgg said:

So reality runs count? They are not displayed as "records" but they are records...

Yes, that's an option as well.

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