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Demo Bounty Month [March 1 - April 1]

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9 hours ago, Tezur0 said:

you should've tried btnx map 30 :v) that one is way worse in that regard :D


I think you mean it will be lags? I just tried that map, and I think it's... fine? I said that renderer thing is that speezdec Map12 is pure dark in GL... Using software is way better because you can see the gray outline of the Barons.


3 hours ago, Tezur0 said:

improvement - 0:35


I felt I influenced you in a bad way :P

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Posted (edited)

Frog and toad map01 max in 3:27

Very low effort demo to be able to place some bounties


32innail map05 max 31:29

Ksutra map29 max 18:33

cc3 map29 max 19:25

doom e4m2 max 1:15

Deus vult map03 max 10:31

New gothic 1 map10 max 12:57

Mayhem18 purple map31 max 15:09

Shaitan's luck map30 speed 3:45


Some of these are old demos of very good maps that I think should see better runs, and some are runs I was not satisfied with, if I think of 2 other demos I'll post them later.



Edited by Ancalagon

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Posted (edited)

since I did 5 more demos, it's time for more boatunties
alsp Map 01 UV Max 1:10 - rng shitshow
boatyboat Map 10 Pacifist 0:44 - annoying keybump
*dbp11 Map 5 UV Max 7:12 - that map is pretty difficult, but it deserves better time
hid Map 02 UV Max 5:54 - arbitrary shit wad
mayhem18p Map 31 NoMo 100S 6:20 - easier counterpart to Anc's bounty :v)


Edited by Tezur0

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Posted (edited)

Well here is a 3rd and probably final bounty list from me.. mostly Max runs :^)


breach_2017 Map 01 UV-Max in 10:32. - somewhat low effort max IIRC, map is cool though

*flotsam Map 04 UV-Max in 12:21. - very easy to beat time. The map is just really hard and tedious and I didn't care about a good time at all.

lunatic Map 03 UV-Max in 5:32.

dg-core Map 29 UV-Max in 2:20.

dyincam1 Map 06 UV-Speed in 1:48.

Eviternity Map 16 UV-Max in 5:04. - probably easy to beat..I don't remember doing many exits.

32of64-v Map 08 UV-Fast in 2:28.

*3fun Map 02 UV-Max in 7:33. Kind of an annoying map to run IIRC because of 1 section otherwise was a fun map...

mayhem18o Map 04 NoMo in 1:36. - This really should be a free point for any1.. I'm not good at NoMo

parch Map 01 UV-Max in 4:29 - IIRC Infighting RNG simulator as far as final time is concerned 

Edited by Bdubzzz

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Posted (edited)

Okay, posting my own bounties. I'll have them "tiered".


Tier 1: Anyone can beat these with a bit of practice. It'd be nice to leave them to new runners who are otherwise boxed out by the fierce competition here. :)

1024clau map15 nomo in 0:48 - trick demonstration for otherwise monster-heavy uv-speed

vanguard map11 uv-pacifist in 2:56 - breaks the map by not shooting, only first room matters and I made a gross error there

sodfinal map22 uv-pacifist in 0:28 - entry level avjump, movement has to be improved by a bit over half a second


Tier 2: Intermediate runs that should be fun to beat for any skilled speedrunner.

slugfest map01 uv-max in 1:00 - unbroken barrier and clearly some mistakes were made

vanguard map04 uv-speed in 0:53 - some tricks + hard to survive passage, but my execution is sloppy

cchest2 map19 uv-speed in 1:32 - cleaving through monsters, fun run, very old entry


Tier 3: Hard (relatively) runs for the bounty sharks preying around this thread.

*scythe2 map31 uv-speed secret exit in 0:11 - clearly the real goal is to beat kimo's cheated 10.97 by at least a tic :)

dmonfear map18 uv-max in 1:13 - revenge on dubzzz, but might actually be easy to beat

*prcp map19 uv-max in 10:47 - long and involved mazey sandbox map, route is probably hard to improve

*doom2 map19 collector in 1:17 - by popular demand, the most annoying one. route includes BK jump, learn it!

Edited by dew

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