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Demo Bounty Month [March 1 - April 1]

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oh for fucks sake
I guess I didn't

well it is missing by now, so I guess garret is taking points


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Posted (edited)

5 more bounties. Making them simple-ish, hopefully new guys will do it before it gets snatched.
revbfeld Map 1 NoMo in 0:45 - That is likely not very good as this demo is pretty old.
punishr Map 1 UV Speed in 1:53 - Kinda simple map, probably has some time to shave off. Weirdly it is one of those that is faster on NM due to ammo.
*reverie Map 23 UV Speed in 4:46 - That demo desyncs on anything but cndoom for god knows why, so I'd like to have this run beaten by someone. Has linedef skip and isn't most simple run ever.
njdoom2 Map 11 Pacifist in 1:26 - This was first exit, so probably pretty easy run to beat.
isl Map 1 UV Max in 5:40 - awful map, so that time is likely very easy to beat

And another filler to do, since I'm over 40 now.
boatyboat map 16 Pacifist - it is totally doable as I was fairly close few times, but maybe someone will have more dedication than I had

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3 hours ago, Tezur0 said:

well it is missing by now, so I guess garret is taking points

I guess this will eventually happen when we're going fast to upload demos...

This happened to me once too.

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Posted (edited)

15 more Bounties.. seeing as the month is almost over soon this definitely will be my last list :p Alot of these runs I barely remember doing tbh.. from demo packs etc. so maybe they are easy to beat, maybe they aren't, who knows. :p


noye Map 29 UV-Max in 4:45 - pretty easy to beat time wise IIRC.

mayhem18p Map 11 UV-Max in 13:40 - couple hard parts in this map..well mostly just the last fight :p

mayhem18o Map Map 05 UV-Max in 5:35

noisydiarr Map 28 UV-Max in 1:59

nosp2 Map 32 UV-Max in 2:30

Eviternity Map 22 UV-Max in 5:00

dyincam1 Map 03 UV-Max in 6:06

bloodsea Map 07 UV-Max in 5:00 (Masters level map )

32of64-v Map 13 UV-Fast in 2:32

32of64-lr Map 02 UV-Max in 1:23

rspnhell Map 09 UV-Max in 3:40

ngmvmt1 Map 08 UV-Speed in 1:38

here have some Smax demos.. these were the 1st demos I made  so probably easy to beat time wise... but you might not like the difficulty of the maps. :^) 

*smax Map 13 UV-Max in 6:49 

*smax Map 18 UV-Max in 23:28

*smax Map 27 UV-Max in 34:01

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11 hours ago, Decay said:

"What the fuck is this run." Lol I thought it was a pretty smooth demo, nice run!


Heh, I got tilted after accidentally resetting on a 0:4x early on because of pressing use while getting killed by the stupid slow death exit, then had another 150 attempts of total bullshit before repeating it.



map11 pacifist in 1:22



This run isn't that fun so I won't improve it, one exit is enough.

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Posted (edited)

So I was told I wasn't cool unless I posted some bounties that Dubzzz Someone could beat!

final4 D2all fast in 1:43
maw D2all fast in 4:58
Mayhem 18 Orange! Map 18 Fast in 4:28

*1337 Map 01 Max in 0:19
*Slaughterfest 2012 Map 27 Max in 10:09

here's 5 demos, that are either old or was low effort as they were demos for other demo months :)

Edited by TheLoneliness

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Posted (edited)

I think I'm too far behind on points now to try for 3rd, so I guess I decided I'd take a stab at the SAV's list since it was the only bounty list with no submissions yet. :)


Hellbound Map 11 NM100 in 3:17.



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Requiem Map16 UV Max in 5:51.43



I actually didn't perform good in this demo. I'll probably improve this to something like 5:45 later, but this is good enough for today as this is such an annoying map to run... I'm glad that I moved out of my comfort zone to do some longer runs.


Kudos to SAV88 having such a nice time before.

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