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Vince Vega

The DWIronman League dies to: Criticality & Miasma

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Posted (edited)
On 3/28/2021 at 11:03 AM, Vince Vega said:

BTW, who's gonna pick up the next series?


This was briefly discussed in Dragonfly's Discord. I'm pretty sure it was agreed that @Roofi would be taking April, with the implication being that @Suitepee would take May.


EDIT: The latest from Suitepee is that he may or may not take May, depending on how April goes. Everyone, the lesson here is to not going making declarative statements about other people's intentions without hearing it from them first.

Edited by Pegleg : Update from Suitepee.

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Category 2 runs of both mapsets, having played each of them to (moderately close to) completion when they were both released. Died after 96 kills in Miasma, and died after a WHOLE SINGLE KILL in Criticality. I'm taking it easy on Suitepee this month, don't want my lead to stretch too far - things get boring when the better player just runs away with the competition.


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Posted (edited)

Now that @an_mutt has finally posted his attempt, I can get on with mine tonight. (EDIT: Bemused provided a link, although the Criticality v2 link is still broken)


Also just to let everyone know, the person who wins the previous month will go first in the next month of the Unclebowl in each round. I gotta win this month to bring it back to 2-1.

Edited by Suitepee

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Come on Suitepee, you got this. I wanna see you tame the mutt this month ;)

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22 hours ago, ReaperAA said:

@Vince Vega Speaking of DF's Discord, do you by any chance use Discord? We tend to do some Ironman discussions there.


DF said on Discord that you are welcome to join anytime. So I decided to hand you an invite link:




I'll join as soon as settle a bit after moving to another country next few weeks, thanks a lot! I also thought I could have missed or miss something not being there.


I should finish the rankings till the end of this week (wanna post it "together as one"). Demos are being accepted up to 2th of April GMT.

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well after seeing how much everyone else struggled, i expected to get shit on early in my runs too. So i went in with a defeated attitude, therefore i set myself up for failure, and my runs reflect that. thank god its almost april :P


1:12 6/1111 for criticality

2:46 67/932 for miasma


cat 1 both. now time to beat these fuckers so i can redeem myself.




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Posted (edited)


Both are Category 1, played on PrBoom+


Miasma - Dead with 48 kills.


 I was too focused on the advancing Hell Nobles, and stayed in the Arch-Viles' line-of-sight too long. Really tricky battle. There were a bunch of switches & doors; I wonder what else might have happened. The rug pull at the Rocket Launcher pickup is extra-sweet because the SuperShotgun just established that sometimes these things come for free, setting up hopes which are dashed by the next weapon's betrayal. I also like how the player has to dive all the way into the arena if they want the ammo pickups for their new weapon.


Criticality - Dead with 17 kills.


I dove for a health kit and the level said "LOL Revenants". Uh, what little I saw of the level looked very nice, at least.


Edited by head_cannon

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Category 1 demos.

Criticality: dead with 33 kills. It started pretty brutal, alas I haven't managed to get very far. Also, nice death pit in the dark, bro.

Miasma: dead with 348 kills. Got myself surrounded and owned by a mob of big angry door demons.

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Prepared run (I'd played Miasma a year or so ago on HMP, and I also briefly practiced both wads before the stream).


117/939 monsters killed on Miasma.

17/1120 monsters killed on Criticality.


And with that I claim my first point of Unclebowl 2021, bringing the score up to 2-1 in favour of @an_mutt.

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Cat 1 for both

3 kills in Criticality

Survived Miasma in 41:34.


A nice polarizing performance for me this month. Enjoyed Miasma quite a lot, and what little I got to see of Criticality looks fun. I plan on giving it a proper playthrough soon.



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Well this was something, shortest Ironman for me, ever. Fucking archie.



Ca 2.

Kills 24/932.



Cat 1.

Kills 12/1121


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Both are category 1. Played very little Doom (or, at least, difficult maps) between February and today, in my defense. Still did quite solidly on Criticality.

Criticality - 73 killed

Well I kinda had luck on this one, got super lucky with a few pain chances and RNG, but lived through some intense stuff and then did this thing called infighting to rack up kills before I inevitably die.

Miasma - 58 killed

Peeked out a tic too early to an archvile attack and it all kinda went downhill from there.


Total - 131 killed

Quite satisfied I think that's in the upper half. Considering my initial goal was 25 kills total I am more than happy. Just wish I wasn't an idiot in Miasma.



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Sorry folks. I've literally settled down (in terms of home PC setup with Doom and stuff) just this past weekend. I'll be updating the OP this week.

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