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WadAuthor and Zennode

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Anyone here know how to set up WadAuthor to use Zennode as an external node builder?

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Look in the wauthor.ini file, there is a line for ExternalNodeBuildCmd=

It will go there, but I think there are some symbols needed in addition to zennode.exe. Probably noted in the WA help files? On Rick Clark's web pages?

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Yes, I've figured it out as far as that. When I save my map it brings up a dialog that indicates that the nodes are being built, but then I get an error message stating the map cannot be run.

I've already checked the help files, but I'll give them another look.


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Hm. Still no luck. I've been able to get wadauthor to use the win32 version of bsp as an external nodebuilder by using the command:

bsp-w32 $_Wadfile $_Wadfile

Try as I might however I just can't seem to get Zennode to work even though I tried your commandline suggestion.

I also tried:

zennode $_Wadfile -rz -o $_Wadfile

Still keep getting the error that the map cannot be run.

Oh well. Thanks.

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You are missing some parms zennode requires - this works:

zennode $_Wadfile $_Mapname -o $_Wadfile

Other options like -rz up to you.

PS: Just in case you didn't do it this way: no need to mess with the ini file, just look in the Tool Options, Files.

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Thanks deep. Everything works now. It turns out I was using an older and apparently buggy version of zennode that was messing things up. When your advice failed to work when you said it would I figured something must be screwy somewhere :) So, I downloaded the latest version, exchanged the executables and voila! Thanks again.

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