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The DWmegawad Club plays: 180 Minutes Pour Vivre

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Map 26


For such a hard map, this map is surprisingly easy...

This may sound stupid, but hear me out


This level is REALLY hard, untill you get the hang of things, at which point it is surprisingly easy.

It also helps that the level has a big amount of safespaces, where you can rest and pull yourself together for the next part of the fight.


One such safespace seemed to be unintended, it was this one:


I did miss the rocket launcher, but the level was still pretty fun without it. In fact, I'd say it was extra interesting because of the lack of rocket launcher.




All in all, good music, and I had a lot of fun.

9.5/10, could use some rebalancing.

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37 minutes ago, Omniarch said:

Edit: question, who's your second favourite then? Or do your A's speak for themselves...


To answer your question and TJG's, probably B.P.R.D., for pure historical significance and his one-of-a-kind imagination. However, depending on the day, mappers can rise and fall in the "standings."

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All maps were played with GLBloom+; UV with saves; pistol-start


Map 25  Geôle Nécrosée   (by [WH]-Wilou84 )


[WH]-Wilou84 writes in the .txt that this map was inspired by both Eviternity and Stardate20X6. The result looks very much like an Eviternity take on the Ribbiks' void fortress concept. Eviternity has snow castles. Stardate has void.
Welcome to the void castle, demon hunter! Your only consolation is that Ribbiks was not the architect.


Geôle Nécrosée is the hardest of [WH]-Wilou84's maps so far, and gameplay-wise it reminded me of both Plutonia and early Sunlust maps.
The whole plutonia trio is here:
- chaingunners perforate.
- revenants come in crowds.
- and the archviles are the worst.


The map has 3 "big" battles and quite a few dangerous fights between them. The first fight clearly illustrates the above principles: the revenant horde is bad, but the archvile is the worst. He must be eliminated immediately, because you cannot hide behind columns with the whole lot of missiles chasing you. The fight also has pretty intense crossfire from all the other monsters like spiders and nightwatch cacodemons.


The second serious battle happens in a big arena near the empty void. This is probably is the most intense fight in 180 minutes pour vivre up to this point. Intensity wise it feels like the start of  the big battle on Eviterniy map25. Here we have a pinky horde, a chaingunner horde, a revenant horde, a cyberdemon in the void, and two heresiarches. But, as usual, the worst are the archviles. It is pretty hard to duck into cover during this battle. It is insanely hard to duck into cover and avoid all the homing missiles in the same time. Staying on the move and surviving with an archvile alive is beyond my skills. And targeting archviles in the void is hard with other monsters in the way. My solution was to sit in the soulsphere corner and stunlock all advancing revenants with plasma. After most revenants, chaingunners and pinkies died, I destroyed the archviles, and finally unlocked the space to move. The heresiarches are not at their best on this arena, but they are still pretty dangerous. Dodging two heresiarch salvos and cyberdemon rockets at the same time is not easy. Luckily, the infighting can help.


The poison pit room is easy compared to the rest of the map, but it has very strong position for the arachnotrons who can attack you from beyond the vertical aim range. The 3 archviles are evil, but not so bad as the previous few in the void arena.


The last fight of the map has 4 barons and a Nightwatch Cacoswarm. The barons make sure that the player won't get comfotable with their position, when the cacos are still far away. This battle could have been intense even with the BFG, but there is no BFG on this map. Don't even think about plasma, don't worry about blast damage, and fire rockets. You need to keep the dark blobs far away at all costs!

Oh, and there are archviles and a heresiarch after that. Archviles are the worst, again.


This is a difficult mini-slaughter map with memorable design and intense gameplay.

The fights are evil, but mostly fun. With archviles dead the fights are always fun, but mostly still evil.



Map 26  Monument en Béton  (by Darkwave0000)


This is the most slaughter-ish map in 180 Minutes so far. Large monster groups, big battlefields, ample ammo, legion-against-one combat - everything is here. Funnily enough, after maps 23, 24 and 25 this one seems like a breather episode. The fights may look very intimidating, but they are not as hard as they seem.


The archviles are still the worst, especially the ones in the starting room.


The rockets are completely absent on this map. The idea is to make plasma rifle the main weapon, which is unusual for slaughter maps. This is a very cool idea. I think still think that giving about 10-12 rockets per arena would not break the intended gameplay, while providing an additional tool to speed things up a little bit.


The starting arena is a bit boring, but the later fights make up for it. My favorite is the second battle, with the cyberdemon and lines of sleeping monsters. I had a lot of fun here waking monsters one by one to infight the cyberdemon!

The last battle is also very cool. Despite the HUGE number of monsters, this encounter works very well with a plasma rifle. Two cybers, a group of archviles, stream of pinkies in the corridor-like passages - all those situations call for a plasma rifle. I always liked mobile and plasma-heavy combat, so this fight was very fun for me.


Overall, this map felt like a very fun, yet challenging experience.
To me personally it also felt like a breather. Can Monument en Béton really be called a breather?
Let me check map 27 and map 28 quickly.


Oh my god! I would say yes. Map 26 really does seem like a breather...


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3 minutes ago, MtPain27 said:


To answer your question and TJG's, probably B.P.R.D., for pure historical significance and his one-of-a-kind imagination.

Ah, that makes sense. I have yet to play the Mucus Flow, and sadly spoiled myself by watching a UV-Max of it ages ago (I know, I know, shame upon me, my kin and my people, yada yada), and I can't say Equinox appeals to me.


12 minutes ago, MtPain27 said:

 However, depending on the day, mappers can rise and fall in the "standings."

I hear you. My standings are also in a constant state of flux, though a few users, like antares031, NaturalTvventy, Xaser and skillsaw tend to stay put more or less.


Speaking of, have you ever played antares031's Struggle: The Antaresian Legacy? Personally, I find it to be on a similar level to the 'blockbuster' megawads of the '10s, at least in terms of gameplay and visuals. Strained segue aside, judging by DoD and your postings here, it strikes me as being right up your alley.

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MAP27 (HNTR, Pistol start, Blind) - i chose to play this level on account of the relativelly low monster count, only 107 on HNTR, so however bad it gets, at least it's not a slaughtermap.  And i was not disapponited in that regard.  The location is likely some sort of military-installation built on a rockface, very nice looking and clever layout, and my own association is again with Plutonia, in terms of gameplay, but also, i couldn't avoid thinking of the Petra temple, which indeed is explicitly mentioned as inspiration.  So at least i get some free Cyberdemon kills for that...?

On HNTR it actually isn't that difficult, until one gets inside the YK building.  Getting the YK is the easiest task on the level, and after that i was able to snipe the baddies upon the pillars, and then kill the Archviles guarding the entrance, which was easy as they are at least thankfully stuck in place so using the pillars as covers made it easy-peasy.  Inside the building, getting the Blue and Red Keys even on HNTR is quite rough, but with a few deaths that also is accomplished.  The fun begins with the opening of the door behind which the Cyberdemon has patiently been waiting, and i don't remember where the other one came from.  And then there is their friendly flock guarding the exit.  Yeah, i managed to kill one of them, probably with BFG and running out of plasma, then trying to snipe the other one with rockets from the YK building - unsuccessfully.  So i saved some rockets, and ran for the exit building, launched a few at the flock there, and made a dash for it, managing to reach the exit from between the boneheads.  Fait accompli.

On HNTR the level has a lot of nice elements, and i believe i'd manage it better on second run.  Still, it is really really hard, and probably my strategy was an ill-adviced one.  Maybe use the mounted demons somehow infight with the Cybers... but to be honest, i'm not a big fan of enforced infighting, it's one of those modern elements of the game that doesn't sit well with me.  It's nice when it happens, and it can be nice to make good use of it, but for me it's not nice when it's expected.  Maybe my sniping wasted ammo, but apart from that, i was quite surprised at running low on it...little else i could have saved it on.  Anyway, i'm glad to have played the map, and give this one 7/10!

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MAP27 - Sable Brûlant

HMP | Continuous with Saves | GZDoom + Dead Marine


We're back with Roofi who brings us a short fun temple level with a pretty intense twist at the end that I admittedly cheesed my way out of lol. Yeah, not ashamed of it either. Remember, there ain't no wrong way to Doom, baby, and I've been developing a knack for knowing when to fight and when to take flight. I'm not one of ridiculously hard setpieces yet, so the final fight I snuck my way out of and probably got a stroke of luck while I was at it. But that's just the end bit, the rest of the map is quite brief, but I really liked the intimidating layout and how sneaky the encounters were as they kept me on my toes the entire time.



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Crispy, UV, pistol starts.


MAP27 - Sable Brûlant


Roofi really has a knack for designing maps that leave me feeling battered, bruised, and wrecked by the end. The sense of danger never lets up here, what with the respawning turret monsters and tricky close-quarters fighting. It was tough, but not too bad, up until the final encounter, which for some reason I really couldn't quite pull off well. Needed more retries than I'm happy with. Something about the AV threat and respawning turrets just really kicked my arse. Looking back, it shouldn't have, but oh well.


Getting rid of all the AVs was the tough part, really. But after a lot of cat-and-mouse running around rocketing the AVs down, mopping up the Cyberdemons wasn't too bad. The final Cyberdemon was a bit of a surprise but there was just about enough SSG ammo to take care of it without risking rocket splash damage. I had, of course, finished my cells taking care of the HK + Baron + Rev + AV clusterfuck right before it.


Another intensely memorable experience. 180MPV is definitely ending on a series of high notes.

Edited by ironicmoustache

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Map 27 Sable Brûlant   (by Roofi)
GLBloom+; UV with saves; pistol-start


I must say that Roofi makes very engaging maps: no matter how frustrated I may feel, I want to play his maps to completion. I started playing this map soon after I completed map 24. At first I thought that completing it on UV is beyond my skills, even with saves. Yet I felt curious about what happens next on the map. And so I gritted my teeth and went on. I managed to complete the map. But I felt like I approached the map wrong. So I tried again. And again. In the end, I completed map 27 3 times (with saves, of course).


Despite the impressive monster count, map27 is not a slaughter map. But on a pistol start this map is noticeably more difficult than map 25 or map 26. And, a funny thing for a non-slaughter map, it has the one of the most vicious cyberdemon-heavy encounters in all 180 Minutes Pour Vivre.


The map is a masterpiece in rising action. The combat escalates all the way from the pistol to chaingun, to SSG, to Rocket launcher, and finally to BFG. To complete the map, all three keys are required. But just grabbing the keys and pressing some buttons is not enough. The player needs to gather enough firepower to fight their way to the exit. The BFG is teased relatively early, as well as the impressive squad of cyberdemons guarding the exit. Thus the player is encouraged to get as much plasma as possible. And the search for a backpack becomes an important side objective!


The map consists of two main parts: the desert canyon and the temple (tomb? palace?). The canyon area has quite a few dangerous monsters, including respawning enemies on columns. The temple is a relatively safe place, but it has not much ammo outside the locked BFG room. Most of ammunition lies outside the temple. Picking up the keys not only unleashes new monsters, but also opens up new ammo stashes in the canyon area. This creates a cool dynamic: the player has a safe corner inside the temple, yet is encouraged to clear all killable monsters in the desert and to venture into danger to refill ammo.


The final battle of Sable Brûlant is the coolest cyberdemon sequence I have ever played. Armed with the BFG, the player must defeat 5 (or 4, depending on route) roaming cyberdemons in treacherous terrain filled with archviles. To make things a bit easier, there is a secret side cave near the exit with an invulnerability sphere.
I don't have the skill to two-shot cyberdemons, so I never managed to kill all 5 before the invulnerability ran out. So I had to mop up the remaining cybers and archviles on foot. This was very intense and fun!


Sable Brûlant is another magnificient map by Roofi. This one has the most intense combat, as can be expected from slot 27 map. The cyber encounter alone is super fun! And it is only one fight of many on this map...


In the end, I cannot decide which one of 6 maps by Roofi is my favorite. Maybe map 24 is my favorite? Or is it map 08? Or... Each of Roofi's maps has a distinctive setting, mood and gameplay. I had a blast playing every one of them.

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Map 27


Infinitely reapearing enemies? Thank you, but no.

It's an interesting concept, but definitely not one I'm a fan of.


Aesthetically the level is fine, the music is fine too.

But gameplaywise the level is definitely not my taste.


Not enough ammo, not enough space. The level is clearly meant to be dashed through, not UVMaxed. This is the kind of slaughter where you're not slaughtering anything, but everything is slaughtering you.


There's tough but fair, and then there's simply unfair. 6/10.

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I hear there's a secret with an Invul, but I didn't find it.

Which sounds like it may have been my fault, but secrets are called "secrets" for a reason.


If players need the Invul to be able to progress, the Invul shouldn't be optional.




Edit: Me ranting about this and that, and calling the level unfair just because I couldn't beat it, may just be a bit too harsh on hindsight.

The thing is, I really don't like the infinitely reapearing enemies mechanic. It made all of my progress feel worthless. It doesn't matter how much firepower you puke at them, there's just more and more and more of them.


It's an interesting mechanic, that deserves exploration. But I don't like it in junction with the unsurmountable challenge from the Cyberdemon / Archvile Palooza. I probably should play the level on HMP to appreciate the level better.

Edited by PeceMan

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1 hour ago, PeceMan said:

Edit: Me ranting about this and that, and calling the level unfair just because I couldn't beat it, may just be a bit too harsh on hindsight.

The thing is, I really don't like the infinitely reapearing enemies mechanic. It made all of my progress feel worthless. It doesn't matter how much firepower you puke at them, there's just more and more and more of them.

You can actually get all the immortal enemies killed, though it requires finding a (very easy) secret.

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How about +++Doom Zero? Although I'd like to think I'd play next month no matter what's picked.

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Map 27 :




Some trivias. Sable brûlant is the my only map which is directly inspired from a real life location. Also , it's the first map I made for the project and the second map in general. 





I really like this music. It's actually a darker remix of "Intolerance" from Seiken Desentsu 3 which can be found in Grime by Death-Destiny. As my map 32 "Rêve Brisé" , Sable Brulant is another love-letter to Disturbia by the same mapper.  However , various mid-tier monsters and imps act as turrets here. I think I should had make them dark too...


My favourite part in this map is the big fight with the Cybers. I love how they look menacing behind the tall fence. Also even if you kill several monsters with the BFG , this map cannot be qualified as a slaughtermap. Ammo is tight and there are only approximately 100 monsters if you remove the turret monsters.





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Map26: Monument en Beton - Darkwave0000

100% kills and secrets. Time: 23:23

Deaths: 8


I know I played Speed of Doom back in the day, but I don't remember a lot of it. Watching the Dean of Doom video on it reminded me of a lot about it, but not necessarily about the combat or anything, and I mostly remembered Joshy's maps. So this map is a modern refresher for me when it comes to Darkwave's whole deal. First off, the first big room isn't much. There's some enemies when you start the level that can be easily led to infight. The hardest part for me is not leaving the starting room and just take care of the chaingunners and mancubi there so I can a safe area. Hitting the switch that lowers the soul sphere also reveals a far away cybie, and a bunch of baddies that flood the room again, so I hightailed it back to the beginning to safety, but Darkwave knows you'll do that, so he puts 2 archies there to make life annoying. 1 death here. Once that fire has been extinguished, get as much as you can to infight from the safety of this room, and then start cleanup. The eastern path gives you a plasma rifle which will be your best friend this level, and the west path leads to a switch that will allow you to get close to the cybie and grab his yellow key. Behind the yellow door is a drop that puts you into the first real big fight. You got imps, mancubi, a cybie, and some elevated revs and archies that do lose sight of you since they're in a hole of a crusher. Thankfully, everything has its backs to you, so you can plan your attack. if you check the map, you'll notice some small platforms to the south leading to an alcove. Get ready to cheese the crap out of this fight. Grab all the goodies you need, head to the westernmost part of the clear path, and wait until the south crusher is coming back up. Then plasma an imp out of your way and haul your booty to those platform steps, making sure to plasma the arachnotron in the alcove as you head up them, smack the switch to open up the way out and unleash even MORE baddies. You can easily hide in this room's corners and not get hit by most projectiles (still have to worry about cybie rockets), while causing everything in the arena to infight. By doing this method, I only died once, and that was on my way to the alcove where I got hit by pretty much everything. On this playthrough, everything but the 2 cybies and turret revs/archies died so I had to take care of those myself. The final stretch has you taking a lift full of chaingunners up to a long hallway with even more chaingunners that you will have to awaken to progress. Thankfully, a partial invisibility is here and is actually useful! Use it, and take 'em out. When you get to the other side of this room, you'll awaken most of the final group of enemies. A few Cybies and archies will roam the ground floor, while the upper ledges will swarm with demons. Also, an alcove opens up back at the beginning by the lift, with a bunch of baddies and a cybie here, but at least there's ammo and health here. I headed straight to this opening and plasmaed everything a could until the archies caught up, then focused on them. I had about 4 deaths around this time before I was able to hit the switch by the initial enemy trigger and head up the stairs. Once you start up those stairs, some more rooms on these upper ledges open up with even MORE demons, including 2 archies. 2 more deaths before I was able to exit. Basically, all you really need to do is get stuff to infight. Infighting is the base language of slaughter maps, and it's true here.


In summary, despite the high monster count, this map isn't too difficult when it comes to slaughter, especially with the cheese strat I did for that one fight. The environment looked pretty nice, but it's not as detailed as his SoD maps, but that's to be expected for a speedmap. Also dig the TNT music. Definitely makes me want to revisit SoD soon. Maybe after I finish Interception II. And play Doom 2 In Spain Only. 

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I will definitely have to join in on this fun for next month's wad. This thread inspired me to try out this one (may or may not have been partially due to the mentions of a Porcupine Tree midi) and this is my first time trying out a speedmapping project and I gotta say I'm really digging this. The time limit on the map creation shows in a very nice way as the levels go by quickly overall, but have been action packed and real fun to play. Excited to discover more goodies in future months and write about them here. :) 

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I know I fell off the wagon, but it was starting to take upwards of fifty minutes to complete a map, and I simply don't have that time when there's just soooo much else I have yet to play (DBP33, the Hexen Lost Legacy wad, Lullaby, the solo maps Roofi just put out this year). Yeah, I must not favor megawads or something, lol.

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Right, its become clear to me that I lack the energy or motivation to finish this month's wad. This should not be taken as a statement about 180MPV's quality: it is a great set, and an excellent introduction to the works of some of the French Doom Community's finest mappers. I look forward to playing more maps from you all in the future :)


I also want to thank @Roofi for his insider commentary, which is always much appreciated. Thanks to @WH-Wilou84 as well, for answering various questions and just generally showing an interest in this month's proceedings.


Additionally, I really enjoyed @ironicmoustache and @Azure_Horror's posts, very insightful and detailed. I look forward to seeing the both of you around! @MtPain27has also been a welcome presence, and I hope he returns in the future!


Finally, my suggestion for next month's wad is +++CPD. That set really needs some love.


Edit: on second thought, I might as well jump on the +++Heretic bandwagon, since I've yet to play that game, and it should make for a nice change of pace.

Edited by Omniarch

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MAP28 - Inhumation

HMP | Continuous Play with Saves | GZDoom + Dead Marine


Well, that was a nightmare lol. I hate maps like these and transform into a human pretzel (salty and bent out of shape). I can't even talk about the map's other aspects because I was much too busy trying to hold onto my sanity. I'll let the slaughtermap connoisseurs wax philosophically on that basis. No idea how some of you nutters find these maps fun but hopefully some day I'll "get it". Not today though, kids. Not today. Enjoy my footage of me swearing like a sailor, I guess lmao.



As for my vote for next month's WAD, I vote for +++Doom Zero.


Edited by Biodegradable

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Crispy, UV, pistol start.


MAP28 - Inhumation


Phew, that was quite an experience. Slaughter isn't a style I go in for all that often, so I'm definitely not the target audience for this map. That said, I enjoyed myself overall. The opening outdoor section with its eminently SSG-able mass of low-tier enemies and ever-present AV + Revenant danger was a great start. But the map's highlights for me were the two key teleport rooms. I especially liked the room leading to the BK teleporter, which I cleared out initially by running laps around the central pillars while indulging in some ever-satisfying Plasma Rifle and SSG mania.


The slight safe space that was the Manc ledge was welcome, especially after the enemy refresh. Not quite as safe as MAP26's Arachnotron cubby, but still better than trying to survive amidst the teeming mass of HKs and Imps, haha.


The other room was a bit more "vanilla", although the lack of a hiding place made it all the more intense. I thought the AVs behind the Pinky horde were a nice touch, as it stops a player from using them as meat shields. The enemy refresh after the second switch was a bit kinder than the other room, which elicited an audible sigh of relief from yours truly.


I didn't even bother taking care of the enemies teleport in after the first key and just ran back to the safety of one of the lift rooms. I also missed the BK the first time around, so I had to do a manic (and save-scummed, although I only loaded once, promise!) run through the horde back to get it from the RK before heading back to open up the exit. The areas to the edge of the map were thankfully devoid of enemies, so nothing was stopping me from dropping down and running to safety.


I don't think I'll ever be the type to try and 100% maps like these, but they do offer bursts of fun in between feeling battered and bruised. Dreading the final two maps now...

Edited by ironicmoustache

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map28 fda

one of the YSK rooms (the lava one) was fun, the other not so much.

the outdoors? the less said the better.

as i hid from the pillar-viles for the 20th time after shooting 3-4 rockets at them i thought to myself "lets go for the bfg that may have appeared as i have switched the BSK and RSK switches, that might make this less tedious", at which point the map ended lol

not my cup of tea.

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Map 28




I really enjoyed what JCD did for the third episode. Just kill all the baddies with the ton of health and ammo. I think "Inhumation" figures among my favourite maps from JCD (not only in 180mpv).


The layout looks a bit unusual for a slaughtermap. It always make me think of an uncomplete arena which was supposed to be square.


Unlike many players, I never really found this level very difficult, except in some places. I found the traps not as sadistic as in the previous maps.


However, it is true that this level can be quite grindy. Killing all the enemies and especially the cybers can take a while with the RL and plasmagun. Being a big co-op player, I think JCD designed this level especially for co-op. The very open layout allows a great freedom of movement and is very enjoyable to play in multiplayer, unlike many speedmaps.


I don't really know if this level would have been better with a BFG. I honestly don't think so. The lack of BFG encourages the player to exploit the infighting mechanics and the particularly vertical architecture doesn't necessarily favour BFG combat.


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Map27: Sable Brulant - Roofi

100% kills and secrets. Time: 17:05

Deaths: I lost count


This map was way harder than I remembered. Roofi takes his respawning turret enemies from map 32 and places them in way more inconvenient areas. They're all over the main outdoor area, but thankfully they're lesser enemies than 32's were. There's not a lot of good weapons available, which is bad since there's a lot of things here trying to kill you. You can find a bunch of rad suits by the turret chaingunner, so grab one, and head to the lava on the opposite area to find a SSG (and the red skull I think?). The main fort has 2 branching paths, take the right one to get a RL and a key, and the left has another key. As expected, the demons aren't too thrilled about it so expect a lot of opposition. I forget which combo of keys unlocks the BFG in the center, but it also spawns in some nobles and a Cybie in this small area, which is unfortunate. Another combo of keys will open up the gate with a bunch of roaming cybies, and a cave of revs, archies, and hell knights. All-in-all, this level kicked my booty. I died so many times to pretty much everything. Eventually, I was able to get to the secret in the cave and to the teleporter hop with the invul, and BFGd as many cybies as I could. There's one last cybie in front of the exit switch which I only died once to, as opposed to the 23,591 other times in this map. Ugh.

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Crispy, HMP, pistol start.


MAP29 - Xanthophobie


Yep, HMP. After a not-insignificant number of attempts at the first area without figuring out how to tackle it—and with Wilou's comments about the final fight fresh in my mind— I tapped out and dropped down to HMP. Getting through the WAD is more important than any silly pride about completing every map on UV.


The first area was a bit too easy on HMP, to be honest, but the rest of the map had more than enough about it to kick my ass more than once. The Revenant room was surprisingly difficult to overcome cleanly, and that final room was a doozy. It's very doable with the aid of the Invulnerability Spheres and a lot of running around scared shitless, but that was definitely the craziest fight of the WAD so far.


Undoubtedly a bit too much for me on UV; I've come to realise that my skill level is somewhere in that unfortunate no-man's-land between the two difficulties on maps like these. But hey, I guess I could always try to get better.


It's definitely not my kind of map, but I appreciate its place in 180MPV's bloody-minded progression towards its finale.


Gonna throw in a vote for +++Doom 2 In Spain Only for next month's DWMC.

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MAP29 - Xanthophobie

HMP | Continuous Play with Saves | GZDoom + Dead Marine


Wilou's final solo outing for the WAD is the penultimate map and he doesn't disappoint, or pull any punches for that matter. First and foremost, I have to say that while I still my salt-shaker set to MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE, I still found the experience more fun than frustrating which was a wonderful surprise for me and is a testament to Wilou's skills as a mapper. This map was tough as nails and wiped the floor with me, but I lost my temper a lot less than I did on the last one and I managed to surprise myself a couple of times with some of the fights winning on my second or third attempt, though admittedly, I still scum-saved like there was no tomorrow but I don't care! I take my victories where they come, dagnabit! hehe anyways, the map also stood out visually of course. Thankfully, there were a few quiet moments where I could soak in the design/layout/texture work and its Grade A stuff as I've come to expect. Honestly, I'm utterly terrifed at the prospect of replaying this particular map on UV, but that'll be a story for another day. I'm happy to report that despite getting my arse kicked, I quite liked this one at times. 10/10, Wilous mate. ;^)



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restarted without supercharge, I won't write again about the maps I had already played, so my new TOTAL TIME : 1h44m40s, currently at MAP12 (I haven't been counting deaths but I'm pretty sure there have been way less than the 14 I had before)


MAP 13 : cool hell infested techbase, the end room in particular is awesome, as if I was jumping down the throat of a giant monster. 
0 deaths, 100% K/I/S, 10:21.

MAP 14 : it took me a while to find out how to open the door for the YK.. And one death to the ultra slow crusher on the way to the plasma..
1 death, 100% K/I/S, 12h48

(lost my write ups of map 15 and 31.. 15 took me way too much time to fail to open up the secret exit room, had to idclip at 30 minutes. 31 was fun but fuck platforming. No deaths in either)

MAP 32 : Doomguy and the Turret of Infinite Hell Knights. Plus more plasma gun fun.
0 deaths, 100% K/S, 89% I, 15:08

MAP 16 : Holy chaingun ambush, Doomguy! Followed by AV double tag, but what got closest to kill me was the three revs, since by then I was already out of plasma and nearly out of life.
0 deaths, 100% K/I/S, 10:23

MAP 17 : One death because I forgot I wasn't at 100% health at start and so played carelessly. Then another death near the end, got distracted and then revs balls to the face. And then death to the cyberdemon. And then too much time trying to find that last secret.
3 deaths, 100% K/I/S, 26:06

MAP 18 : was expecting more from that final fight, nice short map even so.
0 deaths, 100% K/S/I, 6:02

MAP 19 : 1 death to the cave of pain(in the ass) elementals. Another to the insanely populated hell nobles room. Another to the AV in the same room. A RL lover level.
3 deaths, 100% K/S/I, 20:02



time - 4h12m46

deaths - 7 (+how many I had before map 09)

(will keep playing the next few days since I have the week off and we are still on semi-lockdown in here)

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Map 28

Based on my comments on map 27, you'd think I wouldn't like this one either. But I gotta say, I loved it.


Really hard challenge, but plenty of health and ammo to undertake it. 


Despite being plenty, the archviles never felt unfair to fight.

All of the 7 Cyberdemons were interesting challenges.


You really need to use a fair share of saves, but even then the level didn't feel grindy.


Aesthetically, the map looks good, and the music is enjoyable too.



10/10, Had a lot of fun, but I would've liked WAY more shotgun shells.



If the lava was a pain sector the level would be instantly downgraded to a 5/10.

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Map 28  Inhumation  (by JC)
GLBloom+;  UV with saves;  pistol-start


1000 monsters slaughter map, with all the fun: cyberdemons, cacoswarms, revenant hordes, hell knight walls and nasty archviles.


The map looks spectacular. The opening shot in particular is breathtaking. The monster hordes and giant fortress battlements are quite a sight to behold. Inhumation uses an empty black sky and familiar hell masonry textures, which we have seen in maps 20-21. With a dark sky and red stonework Map 28 looks like a reprise of a map 20 with quite a twist. The map 20 is small, and the fearsome things lurk in the shadows. The fearsome atmosphere on map 20 comes from the fear of the unknown. By contrast, the map 28 is huge and all the fearsome things are in the open, as far as the eyes can see. On map 28 fearsome atmosphere from the fear of the known. You know how dangerous the cyberdemon and revenant crossfire can be and how much archvile balconies can limit your movement. And you can see all those dangers, right from the very start of the map. This map presents a seemingly insurmountable challenge, and then nudges the player to conquer this challenge. And the music amplifies the "beating the impossible odds" feeling . "Descent of madness" by Eris Falling is a perfect fit for map 28.


The map essentially consists of 3 parts: the huge outside area, the red key arena and the blue key arena. The outside area itself is separated into two parts: the field below and the battlements above. Most fights involve both monster hordes roaming free on the battlefields and carefully positioned snipers (who also can come in hordes). Methodically clearing the most dangerous opposition becomes the key to success. As the result, to me personally gameplay on Inhumation felt more go2it from Plutonia than something from Stardate(s) or Sunlust. Like on go2it, there are many opportunities to take things slow, and in most scenarios the player has an access to a good defensive position. This does not mean that the player is safe, though. If left unopposed, the monsters will eventually reach the player and transform the defensive encampment into a deathtrap.   

With the right approach, the map proved to be not that hard. It is best not to alert demons at the start with a shot and go for a rocket launcher immediately. The rocket launcher comes with a lot ammo (be careful, there are multiple boxes stacked on top of each other!). With the rocket launcher the player can clear all the revenants, imps and archviles on top of the battlements. (Yes, they will respawn for some time, but there are enough rockets to destroy everyone.) After that the upper level becomes a relatively safe territory. On source ports with infinitely tall explosions, shooting rockets at archvile and revenant towers also thins down the monsters below! There are still quite a few hard parts: the cyber snipers, the cacoswarm, the red key room, the teleporting archviles, etc. But clearing the upper area allows for much safer movement around the map and also provides the player a big pile of plasma and rockets to take on the other challenges. It also provides two invulnerability spheres to clear all remaining monsters in the open area. (Sadly, I don't think that the spheres will last long enough to really help with red and blue key arenas.)
This was a very fun map! Lots of demons to fight and pretty cool atmosphere too!
My only complaint is not giving the BFG in the end. This would greatly hasten the mop up phase and could also encourage the riskier strategy based on quick access to BFG-invulnerability combo.
Nah, who am I kidding? I just really, really, really wanted a convenient BFG save to start playing map29 continuously... Alas...

Edited by Azure_Horror : spelling

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Map 29 :





Was this map made in 3 hours? I don't believe it for a second but it's one of the best maps Wilou has ever made for my taste.


Xantophobia is what you would call a true slaughter map with a BFG, a ton of monsters and ammo, epic music and a menacing castle.


The large revenant pit and the treasure room (my nickname for the last room) are the most striking parts of the map in my opinion. I could also add the long corridor of death with hordes of enemies to kill with rocket launcher and plasmagun.


However, the enjoyment you get out of this map will totally depend on your experience in Doom. I have a lot of fun in the last fight, but many players are likely to hate this type of gameplay where you have to spam the BFG all the time.


Aesthetically, it's still top notch with a typical BTSX map architecture. However, due to the incredible number of monsters,the respect of the vanilla limits is purely theoretical.


Also , I recorded a max demo months ago. UV-max in 20:44

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