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[k8vavoom] Zan: Journey to Another Dimension (gameplay mod)

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Posted (edited)

hello! once upon a time... oh, well, let's start it this way: do you know Hedon game? if not, then go play it, it is great! you can download a freeware version, and you *will* want to buy it, i promise!





now, let's move closer to the actual topic: i always wanted to see how well Zan (main heroine) will pefrorm in Doom world. so one day i decided to create this mod, to help Zan to travel into completely different dimension. this mod puts Zan with her arsenal into Doom maps. load the mod as the last file, and you'll be fine.

WARNING! this mod *REQUIRES* recent k8vavoom build! it won't work in any other sourceport (there is no reason to try, trust me).

note: Hedon author allowed me to publish this mod.

what we have here:


* Zan as a protagonist.
* standard Doom weapon pickups are replaced with Zan weapons.


some features you should to know/master to play this mod:


Zan has a quickkick (you can configure it in "special controls"). do not forget about it, it is of a great help for close combats! there are three kinds of kicks: crouch-slide, normal kick, jump kick. they all have different effects and damage, use them wisely.

all Zan weapons fire projectiles. Crushbow bolts are affected by gravity.

Zan is much higher than DoomGuy, and she will autocrouch if needed. note that this may break progression on some maps, because Zan
may crouch in some places where DoomGuy is not supposed to be.

Zan can do headshots, and sometimes critical headshots. do not forget about this, and aim at monster heads!

Zan is greatly overpowered (she's a half-demon after all). basically, she is unstoppable killing machine.

Zan arsenal overview:


* Fists. much better than DoomGuy ones. ;-)
* Spike Gun. shoots hot spikes, has alternate ironsight firing mode.
* Frag Gun. this is your shotgun, only better. can work as a flamethrower (yet monsters won't burn).
* Crushbow. shoots fire and explosive bolts. don't be afraid, you cannot hurt yourself with it.
* Paingun. minigun, only *MUCH* better. you can use "reload" to keep it rotating. has alternate fire mode, slower, but does more damage.
* Potion Launcher. can launch toxic and acid potions. toxic clouds are flammable!

there are more weapons there, including one secret weapon you cannot pick up yet (because i'm evil!).

technical note: Zan is 64 units high, and she looks at the world from her eyes, not from her stomach. ;-)

don't try to play DM games with Zan: one Zan cannot kill another Zan. this is not an oversight.



Zan: graphics, animation
Olivia Steele: voice acting
Ketmar Dark: k8vavoom port and improvements










unpack the archive, and run the game like this:


k8vavoom.exe -file yourfavoritewad.wad -file player_zan_hires.pk3




WARNING! some wads may not work right with replaced player.

Edited by ketmar

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