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About 12 months ago I decided to take a break from using the Boom editor with all the complicated special effects and just focus on making a set of 8 large vanilla doom2 levels with a small texture set created by "Derek Mac Donald". They are basically inspired by some of the musics from Hell reveled 2... Then I thought it would be fun to create a replica of my highschool and make it a secret level so now you got 9 big levels here including the secret level on map 31. This is partially intended to suit my personal mod that makes the game a lot harder so you wont find any slaughter maps in here. This was intended for only one or two players although it may begin to push that a little as the difficulty increases and with all the wide open areas. After I finish the read me I want to submit it to the archive. Here are some screenshots, enjoy!



















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Ya look at him he had so much fun he ripped his face off! I just noticed I missed a stair texture near the end of the first level. If anyone finds any other mistakes let me know but other than that I think its perfect.

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do you mind if i add this to my collection of lit doom wads for archival purposes

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wait a mintue r u that dude i saw on youtube like a week ago with that on vid

holdup lemme find it

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