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PSI Boredom Ω

Any megawads to reccomend?

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So I am going to start a new series on my yt channel where I play through a megawad in GZDoom. Thing is, I have no idea where to begin with, so I would like to have a few recommendations.

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Well normally I would suggest hell after dreams and swan Fox but you played those already but maybe I can suggest a few.


Ancient aliens


Ultimate torment and tourture

50 shades of greytal

50 monsters


Dark7 and mission pack


Epic 1 an 2


Invasion uac

Nova 1 an 2 an 3

Stardate 20x6 and 7

Random single player

That's all I can think of but hope this helps.

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128KB Challenge

Speed of Doom

2002 Doom Odyssey (not 10th anniversary)






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A few weeks ago I started digging through the trash that was left over from my old Zdaemon-downloaded wads folder, to see if there's anything worth playing in it. I came across a wad called "Whispers of Satan". The maps are gorgeous, the gameplay is extremely fun and varied with lots of tough challenges and very few bad maps. It's extra fun with the Corruption Cards mod.

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Ancient Aliens.

Alien Vendetta.

Batman Doom.

Golden Souls 1 & 2.

Combat Shock.

THT Threnody.



Stardate 20x6.


50 Monsters.

Refracted Reality.


UAC Ultra.




Pirate Doom.


Castlevania Simon's Quest.

Epic 1 & 2.

Eternal Doom.


Whispers of Satan.




Hanging Gardens.


Hell Revealed.

Technicolor Antichrist Box.


Dark Tartarus.

Coffee Break.

Dead.air & Dead.wire.


Darkmoon & Exomoon.

Deus Vult II.

Disparate Realities.

Dimensions of the Boomed.

Doomed Space Wars.

Legacy of Heroes.

Return to Hadron.




Verdant Citadel.

Winter's Fury.


Have a lot of fun 🦊!

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memento mori 2 is pretty great, although it's pretty old


if you're looking for something hard, play kama sutra or speed of doom

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4 minutes ago, roadworx said:

memento mori 2 is pretty great

Yes. Despite its age, it looks and plays very well

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Valiant and Sunlust are both good but I would recommend turning down the difficulty unless you are ready for pain.

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Just completed Doom Zero and really enjoyed it. Currently about halfway through BTSX ep1, having a blast with this one!

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4 hours ago, Killerratte said:

 It's extra fun with the Corruption Cards mod.

Funny you mention that cause I just found out about it. Looks like a fun mod to play with but I might play it with something I already played through.

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Realm of Chaos and Memento Mori II are the best megawad from 1996.
They hold up pretty well even to these days ;)

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Eviternity, Ancient Aliens or Valiant. It won't fail.

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I was playing Baculus today, and having an absolute blast. Maybe give that a shot?

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