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Pulling music from a WAD


So, I'm making a level and I want a song to replace the MAP01 music, and there's a song in a PWAD that I like (specifically, a song from Perdition's Gate). I open it up in Slade, but none of the music files seem to be in there for some reason. It lists .MUS files, but they have the Final Doom names instead of Doom 2, and the .MUS files are essentially blank as well (see attached picture). I booted up Perdition's Gate just to check and the music is definitely in there, it's just like it's not showing up in Slade. What am I doing wrong to not properly see the music files?


And, once I do get the music, how do I pull it over to my own level and ensure it plays properly?


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Copy the song that you want to use, plop it in your wad, convert it from MUS to Midi, rename it to D_RUNNIN (or D_E1M1, or whatever) and you should be fine.

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