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PREVIEW: Abaddon's Garrison Screenshots!

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So, I think my map is coming along nicely. I also think it's a huge step forward from my last map, Delta Military Facility. In fact, if this map is well received, I might just do a redux of Delta. I'm aiming for a beta version of this wad being released sometime this week- and by beta I mean purely for playtesting and finding issues with enemy placement, balance, textures, progression, etc. After some feedback I'll fix up what I think should be fixed up and release the final version.


My aim for this map is to provide different environments with different enemies and terrain for challenging combat, but at the same time offer less risky alternatives. For example, the Flesh Pits split into two areas. The Intestinal Labyrinth, which contains the red skull key, less enemies, and less loot, and the River of Blood, which is riddled with enemies but rewards the player with one additional firearm(in a secret) and lots of loot like a megasphere. These alternate paths continue into the techy section of the map, The Forge. The Labyrinth leads to a teleporter which brings you to an area of the Forge(techy area's name) filled with demons, which you have to fight through in order to reach the blue keycard. The River of Blood, however, takes you to a bigger area of the Forge, in which you can find a plasma rifle, ammo, and make your way to a boss fight in which you acquire the blue skull key. It also grants you access to an easter egg with a BFG in it!


Currently using a wonderful sky texture by @Mechadon, check out his profile and give him some love on my behalf :)


I am looking for custom music for this map if anybody is interested. I have reached out to Dragonfly about it, since I was planning on using a track from Cacophony, but due to them being a busy person I am unsure if they would be able to produce a custom track for my wad. I know it's no easy feat to just come up with something(I am a musician myself), and so if I do get somebody who is willing to make some music for my map, I will not rush them :)



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