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Extra Crispy.WAD

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Posted (edited)

This my first five map mega wad called Extra crispy.wad made to bu difficult. Heres the link and say what you think!

source ports: GZDoom (no mouselook jumping or crouching)


Note i dont know what happend but map 01 cannot be edited so thats why ammo is so scarce.

Skärmbild (18).png

Skärmbild (20).png

Skärmbild (22).png

Skärmbild (23).png

Skärmbild (24).png

Skärmbild (25).png

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7 hours ago, Rudolph said:

No Blood relation?

yes the name was based of blood because i love blood

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Posted (edited)
14 hours ago, Dyshoria said:

@Dubbagdarrel what do you think?

about what? If you're asking me about "Blood" then yeah I like it, its a good game.

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I think it's a good start and I;m glad to see you fixed the yellow door in map 5 that was a biggy.

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Yeesh, this map is kinda raw, but there is room for improvement, just keep trying and you'll knock it out of the park next time.

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yea I'm starting to think that you saying its a mega wad and its hard is a troll considering how little amount of detail was put into the map and how easy they are and my favorite part is that it isn't balanced for pistol starts but I did them anyways and it took me like 20 min to beat the map pack and the areas in the map are just corridor after corridor making the maps boring to navigate and I see on one of the maps you put some kind of a crutch invulnerability secret to kill the single archvile in a room overall this map just felt like any other first wad made by someone. sorry just being honest

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