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Nightmarish Mapping

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This Sunday, you'll witness the return of the speedmapping. Nick "Nightmare" Baker felt like reviving the event for your masochistic pleasure:This weekend, Speedmapping will finally be returning. The event will take place in #zdoom on irc.openprojects.net at 7pm GMT (2pm EST) this Sunday, and will last 100 minutes.
If all goes well, there will be further Speedmapping sessions, most likely taking place every Sunday until mid January.Who said Sundays were boring?

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Eh? It's both you frad! :)

No. It's officially Freenode. They probably only still have the old domains for slow people like you :P Oh, I'll probably there (well, of course I'll be in #zdoom, but I hope I'll come around to actually take part in speedmapping, heh).

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I admire the speedmappers... Maybe one day I will be one... Well, I think the ideal would be an optimization in the relation: time spent on mapping <--> time spent on playing.

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